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I played ghost in the shower room in the ladies locker room at my high school


Infamous for skipping class, I found myself to the freshman gym period. 9th graders are gullible and easy to fool so I figured this would be a slide.


I walked in, claiming to have lost my braclet. I was looking all over the place. I am a junior and told them I had been in the school awhile and had noticed some pretty creepy going-ons. I told them about missing jewlery, found sometimes floating in mid-air, shower curtains that flew open without notice and water fountains that went haywire, toilets flushing with out any one near them , and lockers flying open and slamming shut. They all gaped at me, open eyed and about ready for tears. They carried on to thier class for phys.ed and I continued on with my prank.


I took dental floss and tied it around the shower curtain loops down an entire row of stalls and then ran the floss around a corner and tied it to a locker door. I waited outside the locker room, and when the girls returned from thier class, I was still looking for my "bracelet". The girls trotted off to take thier showers while some retreated to their lockers. When that special locker was opened, about 6 curtains flew open with a jolt and 6 screams rang out that could be heard on the other end of the school.


I read about the "phantom of the locker room" in a school paper the following friday and laughed my ass off. *I was NEVER caught by this one, and nobody but the girl who opened the locker knows about it. She got a huge kick out of the prank herself*

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