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I pulled this one in the girls locker room


For gym class we have to swim. Lovely.

When the girls change, they leave thier clothing lying around every where. Including their fabulous stilleto shoes.


To make my cafeteria good for something I bought some nacho cheese in a small container for my "lunch" a few periods before gym class. I filled our preppy little friends heels with the orange goodness and then headed off to the pool.


I got back to the changing rooms just in time to hear them squeeling and bitching about how their shoes were so absolutley ruined. They all had to borrow nasty gym sneakers from the locker room for the rest of the day and I've never seen those shoes prancing down the halls since.


*this prank I got screwed over for pretty bad though. I was suspended for like, 2 days and then in-school suspended for one day. I usually admit to my 'crimes', I'm not exactly careful about getting caught. "damage to property of peer" -ha ha

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