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I am known for my pranks. I pulled this one a few weeks ago in the girls bathroom.


First I took, like, 5 packets of sugar from my High School cafe and on my way out of lunch and into math class, I brought them into the ladies room. I made 3 neat rows of sugar on the bathroom counter under the mirror.


I washed my hands and cleaned up any traces of sugar on my clothing, made sure there was nothing of mine hanging around the area that could tie me to it, and left.


I pretended to be tieing my shoe (for about 15 minutes) outside the bathroom. 3 girls entered the bathroom, well, several girls had been coming and going into the bathroom, none that I knew would fall for my prank though, but these 3 girls were VERY good candidates.


Out they came. 2 of the girls had bloody noses and were holding paper towels to thier faces and wining to themselves about how stupid they were. The third girl stood there laughing at them, though her nostrils were pretty ruddy as well. :yes:

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