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~This Week~ The Leo


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Ok Im gonna take this one post at a time. Um this isnt from zodiac girlz this is from astorogy.com here we go,



There isn't an hour that goes by that you don't learn something new. Well, okay, some hours are pretty uneventful, but lately you're learning things left and right, especially Monday through Wednesday. All this education comes from people whose opinions you never thought would differ much from your own. Most of your learning opportunities this week are going to take place, surprisingly enough, at work -- on Thursday, the key is going to be maintaining your modesty and not letting things come to blows with the boss -- but your weekend is going to be spent with friends. Smart friends. Horizon-broadening friends.



copied and pasted from http://astrology.yahoo.com/astrology/general/weekly/leo

and Provided by http://www.Astrology.com

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