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I she sorry yet


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Its not about being what THEY want you to be

Its about being happy

But how can one posibably be happy

With out the approval of their loved ones?

And how do you know who your loved ones are

If everyone around you is always messing with your head

Is she sorry yet

Is she sorry yet

Moods can bring you up

They can tare you down

Just as easily as the people you trust

Trust is a deadly thing

Put it in ONE person

Thats all it takes

They can be as precious as angels

As coniving as snakes

Is she sorry yet

Is she sorry yet

Dreamers are losers

And hopes never see through

Honesty would kill him

I have no faith in you

Life is just plain pain

With a few moments of joy

That soon go away

Because those moments you let jerks like them destroy

In one second someone owes you everything

The next second your in debt

Is she sorry yet

is she sorry yet

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