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Jim Colyer Christmas song

Jim Colyer

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  • 4 months later...

I wrote a Christmas song and want to get it into a Christmas movie. Is any artist out there recording a Christmas Cd? Listen: http://www.jimcolyer.com/music/




We got so many presents under the Christmas tree

Santa Claus has been good to you and me

As you steal a kiss under the mistletoe

Merry Christmas to you


We got turkey and dressing smothered in cranberry sauce

We got honeybaked ham and a bottle of wine of course

In the candlelight, I propose this toast

Merry Christmas to you


Snow is falling, friends are calling

The neighborhood's dressed in white

Bells are ringing, the choir is singing

Their version of Silent Night


We won't forget the real meaning of this day

The day on which are Savior was born

It's Jesus Christ on my Christmas card

Merry Christmas to you


As far I know, this is the only Christmas song that has both Santa Claus and Jesus Christ in it. I reconcile the religious and the secular. Who is doing a Christmas CD for 2005?????


c2005 Jim Colyer ASCAP http://www.jimcolyer.com/music/

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