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12/18 (10:41 PM)


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10/18 (Later)

Im am like so hyper but tired. I had 4 sodas in counting and I have to read 30 pages of this scrooge book for L.A. . Like I said I was apsent. Missing out on alot. I should go to bed but my comfurtable sheets arent there (need to be cleaned). How long will mom find out there are 4 drops of blood on my sheets. NO! Not because some one was murderd. I woke up with a nose bled one saturday blood POURING like a fosset out of my nose. I should go... I'll probally just post more topics and polls. Make me happy and pretty much Wolfie. Im gonna full fill my dreams and try to get every 1 to post more often. I've never really posted that often b 4 because on other sites they have to monitor it. Aywayz Im out ight a light.


:blah: :blah:

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Next time you have a nosebleed do this: Get some tissue or a napkin (not toilet tissue, though). Rip off a piece, get it wet and fold it so that it's small enough to fit underneath your upper lip. You want it to be as long/wide as possible but not too thick (otherwise you look like an ape). Since there are a couple of small blood vessels there, it will help to slow down and even stop your nosebleed. After awhile, you should be able to remove it with no problems.


Another thing that I tend to do, but I don't really recommend it.. I will lean over a sink, using tissue to try to hold the blood back in my nose. After a minute or two, I will get more tissue and then actually try blowing my nose. What usually happens is that a blood clot type snot will come out (sounds nasty, and it is) and after wiping away a few more drips of blood, it is often over for me, almost as though that 'clot' was the source of the bleeding.


Also, NEVER EVER tilt your head back. I don't care WHO tells you to do it, do NOT tilt your head back to try to stop the nosebleed. It can cause a blood clot to form and could potentially kill you. If you can't do either of the two that I've mentioned, try to get some sort of tissue or rag, press it against your nose (and pinch on the nostril that is bleeding to close it off) while leaning FORWARD.


I've had quite a bit of experience with nosebleeds myself.

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KimmiKitti go back and read it all again because you just proved that you didn't read it.


This is when I ran out of bed i did stick toilet paper in my nose and leaned mey head back plus but ice on it.

DO NOT EVER TILT/LEAN YOUR HEAD BACK! (read below for more information)


This is when I ran out of bed i did stick toilet paper in my nose and leaned mey head back plus but ice on it. It shrinks the cells.

Why would you put (you said but) ice on it when that not only takes longer but also freezes your face? I've tried the ice method before, it's a waste of time unless you consider a wet mess everywhere to be of some use.


Read what I said again, trust me.



Tilting/leaning your head back:

Also, don't tilt your head back. This common practice will cause blood to run into your throat. If you swallow the blood, you might throw up.


It also says not to blow your nose, which I do anyway but I have a way that I do it that tends to work for me (so I don't recommend it for others) and it also says to use a cold compress which I don't recommend because it takes longer and has never worked for me.

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