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What Are You Like?


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Hey. Im starting off with the facts with theese 3 signs. I got this info

from Zodiac Girls. Enjoy!! Next week's signs are at the bottom.




You are an intense sign. You love magic and mystery and people are naturally drawn to you. You love to be the leader and tend to make a great one. You treat your friends as if they are family; however, you only share you secrets with one or two very special people whom you trust completely. A Scorpio will always forgive - but will never forget. Once you break the trust of a Scorpio, things are never the same again.


You are often seen as secretive because you don't spill the beans to everyone. Friends want to get to know you, but you won't open up and share things with them until they fully gain your trust. You are often seen as moody and insulting - especially when you are bored. Be careful that you don't hurt someone's feelings the next time you roll your eyes!




You are excellent in friendships and partnerships, meaning you play well with a team. Your charm and cooperative nature makes you a great person to smooth over rough spots when friends have a disagreement. You are an honest friend and they trust you with their deepest secrets. You are also very artistic and love drawing, painting, singing or anything else creative.


You have a hard time making decisions. Sometimes you are afraid of making the wrong choice, so you mope around and worry about it much longer than you should. You also get cranky when you are forced to make up your mind before you are ready!




You have a hard working, dedicated personality that wants perfection in all you do. You are a loyal friend who is very considerate of other people's feelings. Because you are very organized, you make the perfect party planner! You love reading books and magazines on a regular basis. Cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle are important to you.


Since you want to be perfect in all you do, you are often very hard on yourself and never happy with anything you are working on. This can make you cranky and irritable, nervous and worried. Listen to your friends when they tell you you've done a great job!



Stay updated! Next post is Leo Cancer and Gemini!



footnote: copied and pasted from http://zodiacgirlz.com/sign.html

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Personally i hate the "Zodiac Girls" i've read about my sign from a zodiac gurls website. All that junk that they say is NOTHING like me nor my sign.My astolagy book is betterfull. :D . but anyways i RLLY into this kind of stuff. all the love matches etc. so this is for any Taurus's out there in teh forums ;)::.





cool fun facts totally enjoy::.


1)The taurus's Greek Godess was Aphrodite.Aphrofite means "born from sea foam"Aphrodite also known as Venus was the Greek Godess of love and beauty!


2)The Part Of Your Body The Taurus Rules: Throat and neck;Taurus gets more sore throats and layryngitis than any other sign which is funny because some of the worlds best singers are Tauruses.Barbra Sreisand,Stevie Wonder Cher,Enya,Billy Joel and Janet Jackson!


3)If you are a Taurus ur element is earth;Taurus is an earth sign.You are down to earth and ppl often comment u have ur feet on the ground.Sometimes its almost like ur feet ARE planted on ground.You hate being moved from 'your' ground at hate change in ur rutine.Terra is latin meaning "earth" This is whre we get the word "territorial"-the perfect discription 4 Taurus!


4)Ur Lucky's::.

lucky metal:copper

lucky stone:emerald

lucky day of the week:Friday


5)With you pals::. Your friends are number one in ur book.U give them so much, they wish there was a million of u.Sometimes though, u can be a little gullible. And there is no greater hurt for you than being lied to or betrayed by a friend.


6)(this is only according to the book,im just reciting what it says)Best Love Matches:Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn,Cancer.


7)(Same as number 6) Which Signs You groove with;Wich signs you dont:


The easiest signs 4 u can be Taurus Virgo and Capricorn>yall enjoy the same comforts in life!Your best next friend is Libra.This is because you both have the same ruling planet Venus.(YOU BOTH LUV CHOCOLATE). Gemini's changes can drive you nutsand sometimes Leo can get to bossy but u deal.The most difficult signs 4 u are airy Aquarius and goofy Sagittarius.It seems the only thing u can do w/ these to is have fun! :)


*Well thats a rap, if any1 wants me to give them info about THEIR sign i just tell me and i can try to type it up in about a week :) yall' kno where to find meee!*

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I'm a Leo...oh yeah..go Leo's! I"ve got my moon in Libra, though. Mercury in cancer. My ascendent is Leo, my vertex is in..I forgot. I think...Sagittarius? However you spell it, Idc. Most of my planets are in the 12th house, which is behind the scenes, but I've got a few in the 11th house. So...yeah.
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