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It's been a long time...


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How's everyone doing? I barely have time to browse much online, much less post much half the time...but I'm sitting home on a Saturday night (for now), so I figured "why not drop a line on dacity?!" Usually if I'm on the computer it's to check my email - and sadly half the time the email that I'm checking is my work email to make sure that my boss hasn't forwarded something important. Not that anyone really cares much, but here's how my summer and new job have been going::


I've been working about 42 or 43 hours a week - I'll soon be bumping that up to possibly 50+ because I'm going to start taking a few extra 7pm-11pm shifts during the week to help cover the nurses' station as well as some saturday/sunday morning shifts from 7am-11am(or later)...it'll be weird, because there's always SO much going on at the nurses's station - especially on the psychiatric unit. In case I didn't share that as of yet, I do work in psychiatry - it's quite interesting...makes my family seem a little less crazy than I initially suspected they were. But the work is not overly boring (except on rare occasions)...my boss is awesome(compared to any of the others that I have had in the past) and not constantly hovering over me...I have my own office (thank goodness for not being stuck in a cubicle like most of my fellow recent graduates!!)...I have met a lot of interesting people (no, I'm not talking about the patients...I don't interact with them very much)...and I'm sure there are other things that I'm not thinking of right this minute.


As far as the rest of my summer...my parents went to Pensacola for a week (my uncle just had a house built down there, so they went to check it out) and so it was nice and quiet around here...of course that ended as soon as they returned. But oh well, that's life. Otherwise I've just been trying to get my life organized all around. Trying to start beating down the massive amount of debt that I piled up in the past four years, and I'm doing well - for me, at least. The big kicker will come in November when I have to start paying back my student loans, but I'll made due. Other than that, nothing is really going on. My life in general is:


Arrive at work sometime between 7:45 and 8:15am, work 'til 4:30 or 5:30pm, sit in traffic, arrive home sometime between 6:00 and 6:45pm, check my email to make sure Gayle (my boss) didn't leave me any last minute messages, eat dinner, Wayne comes over, we watch tv, I fall asleep on the couch while Wayne plays on my laptop, Wayne wakes me up around 9:15pm and tells me I'm a dork for falling asleep (ignoring the fact that he went home after work and took a nap before coming over to my house), I check my email again (to make sure the nightshift nurses don't need anything), I fall back asleep, Wayne wakes me up around 10:30 telling me that he's going to head home, I get ready for bed, I check my email AGAIN (just in case), I go to sleep around 11:30pm...and I STILL can't wake up on time for work.


That was EXCITING, wasn't it? If you read all of that senseless rambling...what the heck is wrong with you?! Haha. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing wonderfully. Take care!

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