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Haven't posted in awhile, I know. I've been working. Yea, working. Earning money. I'm a cashier for Kroger now (a grocery store). Wait a minute, 'Front-End Clerk'. Anyway, I've been there since early April, and its quite amusing at times to watch the human parade come though my til. Everyone has to go to a grocery store at some point, so I see all types of people. I've already made a few of my own 'stereyotypes' if you will. Blah, don't glare at that word either. Its one of the the few things that keeps me sane, putting a tolerable outlook on some of the situations I have to deal with daily. Otherwise, I'd be typing this from jail, charged with murder 1 for strangling a customer. Here is a few for your reading pleasure.


Please bare in mind that these are for humours sake and I'm not serious with the labeling. There is always expections to every one of them. And remember.. its a joke ;P


The Price Hawk

Price hawks are typically white, middle aged women who shop with a calc, number two pencil and a wad of paper. When they come to the register they put one item on the belt at a time, standing so they can see the price of the item just scanned, jerking there head side to side as they look at the item, the screen and their paper. At the slightest hint of a price that wasn't scribbled down by them, they swoop in for the kill, attacking the cashier with accusations as if the poor person had control over the price in the computer.


The Haggler

These tend to cover all people.. anyone is a potental haggler, they have no offical uniform. However, they can be spotted with careful scruitiny. Upon close examination you will find they have a pencil and paper, and a fist full of coupons (more coupons than items), and usually, they try to 'haggle' over the coupons with the cashier, even when said coupons are out of date, or they got the wrong items. They usually demand rainchecks - demand being the keyword, and don't take kindly to being told to go to customer service.


EBT Abusers

For those that don't know, EBT is food stamps.EBT abusers tend to be what people consider the 'trash' of society. They are unkept.. you can usually smell them - and its unpleasant. They fill their carts with sodas, chips, cookies, cake, candy.. all fatty sugary foods, and rarely is there anything healthy.. and pay for it on their ebt card. Then they wonder why the gal one til over them using a WIC check glares at them. Hmm, perhaps because food stamps are supposed to help you buy food to live off of cause you can't afford it - and they are using it for junk?


Senior Discount Grumps

Tuesdays at Kroger is senior discount day, and this brings out the dreaded 'Senior Discount Grumps'. They come up to your til, and you say 'Hi, how are you doin today?' And their response? 'I want my senior discount'. At the end of the transaction, they usually accuse one of forgetting their discount. Gee lady, its 5%.. its barely gonna cover tax. And I'm not going to forget it, its not as if it isn't obivious that your old as dirt (I only wish I could say that)


Forgetful Freds

These are the people everyone hates, not just cashiers. They clog up lines and slow everyone down. How? They put all of their goods up on the belt, realize they forgot something, say 'I'll be right back, I forgot such and such' and come back 15 minutes later after their bags are packed, and a floor super is being called to suspend their order. Then they can't figure out why the people waiting behind them are giving them dirty looks.


I'll have more later. My brain hurts.


P.S. Please remember when you shop, the cashiers ARE people. Yes, its our job to serve you, but you don't need to treat us like second class citizens. We do not forget if how you treat us. Mistreat one of us, it goes down the line of tils - sooner or later, everyone on that shift is gonna know your pain in the ass. Treat us like humans, and be nice, and we learn your name, and go out of our way to make your shopping experance a little more pleasant. Remember, we are the ones who pack your bags and handle your money!

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