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I went ahead and did it...I accepted a job...for now.


As of June 21st I begin my training for my new job as a nurse manager support assistant. How one with a business degree ends up in such a job? You have connections...you have someone that likes you and they tell someone about you and that someone calls asking if you'll interview. I guess it is KIND OF business related since I will be doing payroll and whatnot. But at the same time, it's not putting me where I thought I'd be upon graduation. But something is better than nothing. And, although the pay is not what I was hoping for, it's better than the $0 that I was putting into my bank account for the past month.


I'll talk more about it later. I still technically don't have the job because I have to go through the physical, drug test, and background check...yadda yadda. But those shouldn't be a problem. At least the last time I checked I was okay on all of those fronts.


On a different note, I bought both Ande and Mike a lil' souvenir while at Cedar Point this weekend. I don't think anything but the price tags actually say Cedar Point on them, but they'll PRETEND to like them anyway...right, guys??


So...12 hour trip home today in the car with my parents. That means I'm beyond irritated and whatnot...soooo...


That is all for now...ciao!

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It'd be easier not to look at the money if 1)it wasn't a "full-time" job that they expect me to remain in for at least a couple of years (at that pay, it won't be feasible to stay for too long), 2)I was at least making as much money as I used to make at my summer jobs, and 3)it wasn't going to leave me living at my parents' house until the end of time.
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