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This weekend...


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I don't really have anything cool to say...yet. I'll post a "real" post when I have finally found a job...or maybe I should say once I've ACCEPTED a job whenever an offer or two finally rolls around.


My parents and I are going to Ohio for a long weekend, leaving TOO early tomorrow morning...should be rather uncool, but we'll see. Going up for my little cousin's high school graduation - which I am happy about because our family as a whole tends to miss most events like that for my favorite cousins in OH since they live up there and just about ALL of the rest of the family is here in Virginia. And another plus...at least I'll get to go to Cedar Point and go on this beast.


In other news...I was goofing around (as usual)...went to www.playmash.com...and this is my future:


You will live in Mansion.

You will drive a White Escape.

You will marry Wayne and have 2 kids.

You will be a Advertising Director in Midlothian.


Works for me (for the most part)...


PLAY PLAY PLAY! Have fun with it and post your results for me to see...hehehe.

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C'mon now...I love Wayne. And thankfully things are going well in our relationship.


For it to have been "doom" it would have read something like::


You will live in Shack.

You will drive a Yellow Pinto.

You will marry Admin and have 18 kids.

You will be a Lunch Lady in Northern Virginia.



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I went to playmash ill have this!


Marry my gf and have 1 kid named cole (in future)


Drive a Black Pontiac GTO


My career will be a carpenter and ill live in a mansion in my hometown.


Thats messed up you cant be a carpenter and live in a mansion or own a Pontiac GTO and in my small town there would never be a mansion, but oh well

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Maybe you steal the Pontiac from someone, escape by driving to another town, and live in a mansion working as a carpenter for the owner (of the mansion) repairing it, have an affair with the daughter and have a kid with her.


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