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This is what has been going on...why I haven't been around::


*Graduation - I graduated on May 8th with my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. I'm glad to be done, and I'm not. Doesn't make sense? I never do!


*Moving - I am in between homes in that I am in Richmond once more, but most of my possessions are in Harrisonburg still. Working on setting up a time to go back up there and move out for good.


*Job Hunting - I have been receiving semi-steady calls (thankfully!!) from recruiters and others in regard to setting up interviews and whatnot. I have been busy driving all around Richmond to meet with prospective employers.


*Family - My grandmother babysits three of my cousins on a daily basis (from about 7:30am to 7/8/9pm depending on the day) - Eric (3), Amy (2), and Emily (1) - so, when I do have "free" time, I am usually either over at her house helping to watch them OR I have picked up a kid or two or three and have brought them over here to watch them myself...yeah...all three at once is too many!!


*The Shop" - My mother and aunt began the process of re-doing their shop. We have repainted, installed new equipment, and I am in charge of most of their advertising efforts, so I have spent much time designing ads/signs/flyers/etc. for their use. I have also been working on the set-up of a credit card terminal for them. All of this can be rather time consuming, especially since the shop is not by my house.


*Home - We are having our bathrooms re-tiled as well as having some trees taken down. Someone has to stay home to "supervisor" and help where necessary. That'd be my unemployed-self's responsibility.


That's a brief summary.


Oh yeah...I almost forgot...


*Attempts at something resembling a life - So far I haven't been too successful. Haven't gotten to hang out with many people yet. Did manage to get to Virginia Beach last weekend, though, so that was cool.


That's all for now. I'll try to be better about posting. Ciao!

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