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[OLD]Jack and Jill


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Jack and Jill took turns driving on a round trip using the same

route both ways. Jack drove the first 40 miles and then Jill

drove the rest of the way. Jack started to drive on the return

trip and then Jill drove the last 50 miles. Which of the two

drove more miles and how many more did the person drive?

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Hmmmmmm.. Guessing here.. So this could be wrong style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif

If she drove the *last* 50 miles, then that to me would say that there is a first 50 miles, leaving the trip there to be 100 miles (200 round trip).


50 + 40 = 90(Jack). 200 - 90 = 110(Jill). 110 - 90 = 20.


So therefore, Jill drove 110mils, 20 more than Jack who drove 90.

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