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Ok...quick history:


Every year the house I bowl in hosts a wheelchair bowling tournament drawing bowlers from across the nation. We usually have anywhere form 40-80 bowlers divided into three division based on average. The three divisions are Scratch, "A" Division and "B" Division. Scratch is the highest scoring bowlers who have no handicap. "A" Division is second highest but they bowl on a handicap. "B" Division is for the lower averaging bowlers. They too bowl with a handicap. Handicap is simply a number figured from your average and it is added directly onto your score. Your handicap score is the score to beat.


The people I wanted to win:

Scratch- I wanted Ziggy and Martin to take first and second. I really didn't care who took which so long as they finished 1 and 2.

"A" Division- I really didn't have a choice going into this one as I don't really know many of the "A" Division bowlers. Over the weekend I did get to know J.K. a little bit and ended up willing him to win.

"B" Division- My first choice was my mom.


The Results:

Scratch- Ziggy took first. Martin took second.

"A" Division- J.K. won

"B" Division- My mom did NOT win. She lost by three pins to the only other local bowler who made it into the roll offs. It was an awesome match and she hung in until the very last frame. Great bowling Mom, I couldn't be more proud.


Congratulations to all the guys (and ladies) who placed and thanks to everyone for coming.


If you want to know more about the tournament, post a reply. It's actually a REALLY neat thing to watch. It's so interesting the way these guys can just throw the ball down the lane with no approach or anything, but from a dead standstill. (You'll only truly appreciate this if you're a bowler yourself.)

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