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Ok, so I shoulda done it @ 2,000 posts, but oh well, deal with it.



Current stats as of this posting (and INCLUDING this post/topic)...

78 Total Members

404Total Unique Topics
1697Total Replies to topics
2101Total posts, all topics


Recently added a forum for Lacey's IRC chat room. Click here to get to it (if you get an error when trying to get to it, let me know).


As a reminder for everyone, this is my site (as dinky as it it style_emoticons/default/smile.gif teehee). That means that I run this site the way I wish, and that anyone who visits is subjet to my rules and conditions. I do my best to be fair and even try to allow my guests to have some say on what happens on this site, but in the end, this is my site and I have the final say. No one is being held captive and being forced to be here, so anyone who doesn't like the rules is welcome to go elsewhere. NORMALLY I wouldn't mention this piece of information, but a recent topic/discussion made it necessary to post this reminder, as someone was under the belief that this is a public, funded by the United States Government site, thus giving them the rights listed in the U.S. Constitution, when in reality, it's a privately owned site, making any "rights" here a privilege. That, added with the fact that there are no membership fees for this site (any money received is purely a donation), and that on the internet the rules are often different than in real life. (Ok so I said the last bit to point out the just how lame it is to threaten legal action against me.)


As one added bit, anyone who does file suit against me automatically agrees to pay for any and all legal fees involved, as well as to reimburse me for any money spent, time lost, etc. (Basically, they sue themselves with my name on the ticket). And anyone who has not signed up for these forums but reading them also agrees to the terms of this site and the forums. (You don't have to visit my site but if you do you agree to my rules, that's how it is.) Final reminder, I can change the rules at any time with or without providing notice. style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif


Ok so anyway since I got that reminder over with...


Post post post!!!!!!


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