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My mother is insane...


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I think I'm going to continue writing out my life in a series of short stories...I'm sure ya'll are thrilled that I'm taking a literature class, right? Anywhere...here's the latest:



My Mother and Her Bizarre Thought Process


This morning I awoke and checked my email as usual. There was only one email in my inbox. It was from my cousin, Quang (pronounced "ha-wang"), who lives in Canada. I must add that about a week ago he emailed me to inform me that he was now engaged and that the wedding planning had begun. This new email was to tell me that the wedding is set to take place in September - Labor Day weekend to be exact.


I thought that I should call my mother and let her know the wedding date, because initially there were tentative plans being made for a trip for a group of my family members to go to Las Vegas that weekend. And, in case you didn't know it Nevada and Canada aren't quite the same place.


So, I called and it went a lil' something like this:


Mom: Hello?


Me: Hey, mom...I thought I'd let you know that Quang is getting married Labor Day weekend.


Mom: WHAT?!?!?!


Me: Ummm...I told you that he is engaged, what's so surprising?


Mom: WAYNE is getting married??


Me: What the hell?! Where did you get that from?


Mom: You said "Wayne is getting married."


Me: Ummm...no...QUANG is getting married. Who would Wayne be marrying?!


At which point I realized I should've been like "Did I forget to tell you that he proposed to me?! I just didn't tell you because I wanted to make plans on my own."


I mean, for real...he's dating me...who would he be engaged to? Yeah, exactly.


She's a crackhead and that's that!


I know that wasn't nearly as entertaining as the stupid kid story, but I don't have time to make it super fun, because I have school work to finish. AND because it is kind of one of those "guess you had to be there..." stories. That's all. Bu-bye!

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