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Stupid People


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Ok...so I couldn't stay away. Or maybe it was that I got some of my personal issues resolved already. Either way, it doesn't matter right now. What does matter is that people such as the one I will tell you about below exist in this world and people aren't doing enough to make changes...



The Tale of the Stupid Kid in GART 240


It was freezing outside. Below freezing, actually. And extremely windy.


I parked behind the dorms and ran across campus wishing the art building were just a little bit closer to the parking lots.


As I raced through the doors I assumed Beryl would've started her lecture early as usual and I would still be my typical "late on-time" self. However, as I passed through the double doors leading to the lecture halls my fast pace was halted by a wall of my classmates. Beryl was running late. Who knew that could happen? We finally entered the classroom and started class on-time for once, instead of five minutes early. I took a seat in the general vicinity of my "usual" place - in the front row, on the right side of the room. However, I tend to sit next to girls, and this time around I was "stuck" between two boys...ewww!


And boys they were...well, at least the stupid kid to my right.


The stupid kid kept trying to hit on me. I'm sorry, but I don't flirt with boys that are, at most, the age of my little brother. That's just not right. For me, at least. Others can do as they like.


But, this is not what makes him stupid.


After a few minutes a cell phone starts to ring. Guess who it belonged to? Yep, you guessed it! The stupid kid!! He answers the phone...in class...did I mention he was in the front row sitting right next to me? Yeah, I thought so. And he ANSWERS the phone and "whispers" (most boys can't whisper well, by the way, especially stupid kids) - "I'm in art class...I'll call you back!"


But, this is not what makes him officially stupid, either.


After another 10 minutes or so, Beryl asks some random question about art as she usually does. A girl on the other side of the room raises her hand and starts talking about how a year or so ago she was in New York and she "saw this Asian guy painting something right there just chilling on the sidewalk." Why she had to point out that he was Asian, I don't know. And for that, she gains 5 stupid-person points.


So, what do you know...stupid kid decides he should make another comment to me. His sideways comments were slowly but surely increasing his stupid-person points throughout the lecture, however, this one skyrocketed him to "Stupid Person of the Hour." What comment did he make?


*snicker* "He probably said it in some weird funny accent..." *laugh* "...like...'you lika me draw you someting?'..."




Surprisingly he shut up rather quickly after that and did not speak to me for the remaining 45 minutes of class.


The moral of this story?


Hint for the Day: I am half Asian for those of you that didn't know.


You shouldn't make fun of ethnic groups at all. But you REALLY shouldn't make fun of ethnic groups to someone from that ethnic group. Sure, maybe he couldn't tell that I was half Asian. And why would he have inquired about such a thing? However, so as not to be labeled someone else's "Stupid Person for the Day" maybe you should just be safe and not make fun of other people, ESPECIALLY for something they have no control over. Or maybe, if you do have a big-fat, stupid mouth you should just try to keep it shut...ALWAYS.


P.S. - He would've been my "Stupid Person for the Day" however it is virtually impossible to escape stupid people in this town, so I dealt with quite a few others after running into the stupid kid. I would tell their stories as well, but I really should have been working on my Strategic Management case write-up the whole time I was typing up this lil' diddy, so I must go for now...however, I will update again soon. Adios for now!

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More stupid peeps, more more more!


And I semi-agree about the ethnic jokes. I think it depends on the circumstances. I can just imagine him though, so even if he had said something that you would have found funny, he would have killed it.


And a cell phone?? Really stupid. Yeah when I have a class, I take my cell phone. But it has this marvelous feature called "vibrate" so that no one else will know it's ringing. And then there's this wonderful concept of stepping into the hall to take the call.


I detect that he wasn't only stupid.. But a moron as well.

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