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Oh my goodness. Wayne is currently DRUNK OFF HIS ASS! I honestly hate when he drinks. He knows this. One of these days - if we're going to be together together - the drinking will be reduced DRASTICALLY. It isn't even that I hate when he drinks...I hate when he drinks too much. You just know that things have gone too far when he calls me screaming "call howard! find howard!" into the phone, because he needs a ride home. And then...hours later Howard calls you because he went to pick Wayne up, he hands Wayne the phone, and our conversation goes something like this:


"Make sure Peter picks me up in the morning, since he's taking me home right now."


"Honey, Howard is taking you home."


"Nuh uh! It's Peter...I tried to call Howard earlier and he wouldn't answer his phone!!"


"Sure, Wayne...ok. Put "Peter" back on the phone please, and I'll make sure he picks you up in the morning."


I think that conversation explains how gone he is...


And moving right along...school. I'm happy and sad that my last first day of classes is now over. The classes that I'm taking (as of today) make me not want to have to take anymore...however, sitting here working on my resume and cover letter is almost scary. I don't want to think about working forever and ever and ever more. And I really don't want to think about moving back to mom and dad's for "good" (until I can afford to get out!).


Blah, blah, blah...I'll update on the actual classes later in the week after I've been to all of them at least once...which won't be until Thursday...which means I guess I may update on Friday. Or maybe I'll have some random, rambling, stupid update before then. Whatever I do it'll be boring, I assure you. And for now I'll be going to bed.



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I'm not looking too far in the future anymore. Right now the only part of the future that I'm worrying about is the next 3.5 - 4 months...when graduation gets here. As far as he goes...he knows he has to shape up if there's a real future for us. We'll see. Until I have a ring on my finger, I'm not worrying about that kind of future, because I'm not "committed" until I get my diamond...and I'm not "stuck" 'til I have the wedding ring. And I don't see that happening in the very near future. Was going to add more, but don't have time right now... style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif
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No...not really scared of the future. The most intimidating thing that I foresee in my future is the interviews, and honestly I'm not that afraid of them anymore. It can be scary to face off with "big time" business people...which is who I intend to be interviewed by, because I WILL be making $40,00 +/- upon having that diploma in my hand...because I'm worth it! I'm not afraid of the actual working, because I know that once I have that job in front of me I will do what needs to be done and I will do it to the best of my ability - and I'm very confident in my abilities. I guess to be honest...the scariest part will be stuck living in my parents' house for to long. That there would be my ultimate living hell! And that there...well, that IS scary. style_emoticons/default/bud.gif
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