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Time Travel


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Is Time Travel Impossible or not?

I say it's not impossible just improbable. Just because we can't do it YET doesn't mean we never will. Some people have time traveled n not even known it, Like in the Bermuda Triangle wher do you think all those planes/boats/ other things went? I think they went back in time but what do you think? Post it here.



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In an episode of the "New Twilight Zone", there was a storyline where this couple woke up to the sound of construction work being done and they thought it was a next door neighbors house being worked on. They soon discovered the it was past noon, but, none of the clocks were working. Everything seemed to be a bit, well, odd. They learned that they were at a minute in time that had not happened yet, and that the construction being done was to complete the 'set' that we all would use for that one minute in time. They also used that storyline to explain why you sometimes will be looking for something and you look in one place, don't see it, but look again the next minute, and there it is, because they forgot to add it for that minute. Very interesting concept, but the concept, although different, seems rather likely to me. Like if there are a million frames of time per second, and if you were able to remove yourself from the frames and either fast-forward, or rewind the frames, and insert yourself at that point you choose, then you could travel through time.


I also think that time travel is possible because of the simple fact that in a way, we already do time travel. Aside from the fact that we are going forward in time, we also sleep. When you go to sleep, ever notice that you could be asleep for 8 hours, but it seems like only a few minutes? That to me is like a form of time travel. Only, your body isn't travelling through time, but your mind is.


I also seem to recall some mention of finding artifacts like radios, etc, that were appearently in existance thousands of years ago. That could have just been a hoax though. But if it isn't, how did they get modern day technology back during that time period where it would become part of the earth as skeletons, bowls, etc did for that same time period? If they had invented that technology back in that time era, then we'd have more advanced technology today. So it had to be delivered there.


Now what I would like to know is this - if it is indeed possible, then what would really happen if you went into the past and altered the outcome of something?

Like, let's say that you distinctly remember a lottery jackpot not being won, and you go to win that jackpot and somehow give yourself the winning ticket. Since you won and didn't know how you got the winning ticket, you wouldn't go into the past and give yourself the ticket, therefore, you wouldn't win it. But in the time that you don't win it, you go into the past and give yourself the winning ticket.



Little well known thing call a paradox.

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Yeah, just wait until that one day when you will admit that you were mistaken.


You had.. I mean will have a funny look on your face.. Weird clothes too.. But then again, I can't say too much for fear of changing the future...

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