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List of "Words" Never to Use Loosely or AT ALL Around Kim*::


1) Gay

2) Faggot

3) Nigger (any variation/spelling) - seriously, DON'T GO THERE!!

4) Dawg - brought to you by Admin

5) Bling Bling

6) Hella

7) Aight



*You can use some of the words that may appear on this list around me if you use them in the correct form...however, it is likely that most of these words are used by all of the "cool kids" and that's why you're saying them. If that's the case...don't go there!

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Add on...

* Holla

* Whatever (as a response to being told something)

* So? (again, as a response)

* [middle finger when they are in the wrong on something]



* Hold please; hold on; one moment; etc. Especially when on the phone and managed to get an answer, and that's the first thing you get, and not even have a chance to say anything before being put on hold.

* That's not our policy. (When dealing with a dissatisfaction.. Is it their policy to mess up and make me spend 10..20..30 mins or even 2 or 3 hours of MY personal time to try to get their mistakes fixed?)

* Deal with it. Ok this only bothers me if someone is being a prick and is on the losing end of the situation. style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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