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More of my [not so] exciting life...


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Well, what else has been going on as of late? You probably saw the unusually long (as far as I'm concerned) list of car accidents that have taken place as of late...and guess what? My brother totaled his car this past week. He's such a(n) [fill in your choice of not-so-nice names here]. So now the loser thinks that my parents are going to by him a new car - not likely since YOU caused the wreck, dork - OR that he can buy his own car - also not likely since it's highly unlikely that anyone will extend your sad excuse for an "adult," 19 year old self a line of financing. And my parents aren't so slow as to buy my irresponsible little brother a car of his own without myself obtaining a car of my own first. Especially since he has probably caused their insurance to skyrocket thanks to his 4 vehicle accident. I know, I know...I should sound more concerned and loving and whatnot. Well, he wasn't seriously injured - surprisingly he was wearing his seatbelt - and, it was his idiotic, horrible driving that got him into this situation. He's careless, and that's that. This is not his first accident. AND I got quite tired of all of his whining. As usual. I guess the thing that makes me angry is my dad offered to lend Chris (my brother) his truck and the ungrateful little terd WHINED about how the transmission in the truck isn't the greatest. WELL...if you hadn't screwed up the car you WERE driving, you wouldn't have to deal with the "shitty transmission" as you stated, in the truck and would still have a functioning vehicle.


Ok, enough about that. What else? Well...Christmas was alright...had some goodtimes and all. My family tends to drive me up the wall, and this year was no different. But, overall it was good. My only complaint is that I hate being surrounded by selfish people and that's usually what you get around Christmas. It's not "thank you for my gift." It's "that's all??" Or, I quote from on of my younger cousin's on-line journals "as usual, i got a few tacky sweaters" and "then i went to my grandma's and opened gifts there. i mostly got a bunch of sheets from her. ahah oh wow! she can be so gay sometimes." And I would like to say first and foremost that my cousins (well, this one in particular who is 13 years old) tend to use the words "gay" and "faggot" quite often to describe things they don't like and it SERIOUSLY pisses me off. I will be having a talk with her VERY soon (before I go back to school) and "suggest" that she remove those words (or at least her use of them) from her vocabulary sooner rather than later. I know all of the "cool kids" say the same things - I've been around when she's hung out with her friends and they all say it - and the fact that she'll probably say that will just upset me all the more. Kids are so ridiculously disrespectful. I was going to say "nowadays," but in actuality I guess it's that people in general are disrespectful, not just kids. I should start a "List of Words Never to Use Loosely or AT ALL Around Kim." Yeah, I think I will...I'll add them as I think of them. Here are three to start off the list.



List of Words Never to Use Loosely or AT ALL (if you want to be safe) Around Kim::


1) Gay

2) Faggot

3) Nigger (any variation/spelling) - seriously, DON'T GO THERE!!



And moving right along...


New Years Eve I hung out with Wayne. We went up to a local bar where our friend (Peter) is [one of the] head bartender(s). His wife (Jen) came up to hang out, too, of course. Over all it was a good time until Wayne got super drunk and started being a jerk, but after my and Jen yelling at him he calmed down a little bit. New Years Day was horribly boring. I was "stuck" with my mom all day in that she said we needed to run a couple of errands and she kept me trapped ALL DAY. Days like that are hell for me...and to start the new year on a day like that was not fun AT ALL. But, I'll have more days later to make up for that. I was all optimistic a few months ago as to what my future would hold and what I would do after graduation and all that...and now I'm not sure. I thought that I might try to move out of my parents house into an apartment relatively nearby with my aunt who, by the time of my graduation, will probably soon be looking to move into an apartment herself, but now I'm quite sure that I don't want to do that. I mean, I love my aunt, and she used to be someone that I could always confide in...but now she's "turning to the dark-side" if you will and I don't feel I can trust her to keep things told to her "in confidence" to herself. Loose tongues run on that side of the family, and in the past she has "betrayed" my confidence more than once. Maybe I'll just drag my bestest bud Ande to live with me. style_emoticons/default/wub.gif What else, what else?


I figure while I'm on a role, I'll go for 5,000 characters for this post. Don't ya'll love me? Of course you do. In other news...my life is rather boring. Been sleeping a lot. The most exciting part of this week? Went to Target today and saw them bust a shoplifter. Seriously busted him too...had to trip him to get him down because he was resisting arrest like a beast. He hit the ground HARD!! Ok, just kidding...it's 5,250! style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

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I hate being in accidents because some idiot hits me. (Mentally notes to stay away from your brothers driving)


I appreciate what gifts I get style_emoticons/default/smile.gif After all, it's more than I had to start out with.


Add the word "dawg" to that list of yours.


My New Years was rather decent... FOR A CHANGE!


I like the stupid criminals.. Like someone grabbing something and running out the doors as though thats as far as they have to make it to have won at stealing.



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Yes, definitely avoid my brother when he's driving a vehicle. Lucky for you 1) he doesn't have a car to drive at this point in time and 2) he is still up in Fairfax (for now...we don't know how long that'll last)


Appreciating your gifts is a good thing. That rant wasn't just about my cousins. It was about my brother and even my MOTHER too...most everyone I know, probably.


I think I'm going to have to have a seperate topic for the words not to use...I'll get on that right after I'm done here...


I'm glad to hear that you had a good (decent) New Years, Admin!


And you're right...stupid criminals are always amusing. I forgot to add that after this guy was resisting for a good couple of minutes he started shouting "I was going to go back inside! I was going to go back inside!!" So, let's see...you forgot your wallet in your car and were just going out to grab that or something, right? And you thought it'd be okay to shove the CD (which is what we think it was) in your pocket on your little trip to the car and back? I think not! AND...is one CD really worth getting arrested? For real...



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*Makes mental note to stay off the sidewalk when Kim's brother returns*


I personally think the Holiday seasons have become too commercialized.. Thanksgiving has almost become an honorable mention for a holiday because Christmas is advertised even before Halloween. That's ridiculous in my opinion. What about Thanksgiving? Where are the decorations for that and promotion of what it stands for?


I look forward to that topic.. Include phrases in there too. style_emoticons/default/smile.gif


I'm glad it was a good one too. It meant a lot to me.


The stupid criminals.. Reminds me that I need to add on to the stupid drivers post. Got several to add in there.

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