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It's kind of funny...about a week ago my friend was over...we'll call him...hmmm...George. George has, admittedly, had a thing for me for about six years now. I have never encouraged his liking of me, I've been honest and open with him about who I am seeing and why nothing could possibly go on between us while I am seeing certain people because that just wouldn't be cool. George however does see people that are otherwise involved and he's cool with it...sometimes. SO...George, everytime I see him, makes an attempt to kiss me because "I don't want it to be a what-if situtation"...as in...he doesn't want to wonder if maybe his kiss will knock me head over heels in love with him. I'm telling you now...such a thing wouldn't happen. But, George is stubborn and persistant...I know he'll never stop trying. I do know that he's not gonna get what he's after.


Anyway, enough about his efforts...what this post comes down to is George kept talking this last time around about the whole "what-if" thing. I denied that I had a what-if in my past, just because it's none of his business, and because he indirectly knows my what-if, and I don't need rumors flying and whatnot. But anyway...this has been going on for, wow, almost five years. Actually, technically speaking I HAD two what-ifs...one was Wayne...yeah, well, we all know how that one went. I'll probably marry him, but that's another story. The other...I could get rid of that what-if, as in I could kiss him right this second if I wanted to, but it just wouldn't be the same. It's not about whether kissing him now would make a difference or not...it's not gonna happen, I'll tell you that. It's about wondering what would have happened if I had just kissed him when I wanted to when we were sitting on my staircase when I was 17 years-old. Usually the whole situation is pushed to the back of my mind until someone brings it up again like George did, but once it's brought about again it gets me to thinking. Oh well...


I guess what it all comes down to is that if you feel the urge to just do something - and it's not immoral, illegal, or straight up wrong - act on that...so that you're not wondering about it five years (and I'm sure many more years to come in my case) down the road.

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That post.. Wasn't 11½ miles long! It was a rather short post!


Oh.. My.. Gosh!


Seriously.. For all you know, you could have given in back then, and right now, be in a bad position right now. Be glad that was one risk you didn't take.


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