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Life (continued...)


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I just realized it has been 5 months since I wrote a "real" entry in here...and so much has gone on since then. Shortly after that last post...well, not REALLY shortly, but about 3 weeks after it, school started again. Can we say busy semester?? For those of you that don't know, this is my senior year at JMU (hence the "JMUkiki"...) and I'm just trying to squeeze in all of the classes that I need in ORDER to graduate. And I will tell you that I AM graduating on May 8, 2004. style_emoticons/default/nod.gif


Anyway...so, this semester's schedule consisted of Merchandising, Consumer Behavior, Retail Management, Geology, and Kickboxing...yes, kickboxing. I would recommend kickboxing to anyone. Although I wouldn't recommend it as just kickboxing. "Just say no!" to cardiokickboxing...I'm talking about real kickboxing. As far as that all goes, I advise you not to make me mad, because I can deliver quite a whooping - especially if you are 250lbs or less. style_emoticons/default/box2.gif


The semester ended well for the most part - we won't get INTO specific grades, but I will say that my GPA in my major is at about 3.6, so I'm happy with that. What's in store for me next semester? Two business classes and then a bunch of random classes that I need just to make sure I have enough credits to graduate. The only definite classes at this point are Strategic Management, Children's Literature, and an elementary Modern Dance class which I hope will be fun. Trying to fix a couple of things schedule-wise still, but I'll hopefully have that finalized in a week or two.




Oh yeah - I got a job this semester. It's at a women's clothing store that most of you probably haven't heard of. B.Moss. Bad idea, Kim!! We sell mostly business casual clothes. Some more business than casual. Some more casual than business. It's a good mix as of now. I hear that in the Spring/Summer it leans much more towards the casual side...guess I'll find out in a few months. But, yeah...I have a job to help pay for rent and other necessities...yet most of my CHECK goes back INTO the store. Thankfully I've been good lately about not buying stuff. Or maybe it's because I already bought half of our clothing selection. I can be SUCH a girl sometimes! style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif




What else? Like I said...I'm graduating in May, so I've been making a half-assed attempt at finding some corporate 9-to-5 job that may or may not make the remainder of my days pretty miserable. I'm hoping for the best. And, once I get back to school I've gotta jump INTO the searching process head first. I cannot and will not move back in with my parents for more than 3 months (this summer)...and in all actuality I'll still have my apartment at that time, so I will have the option to go back there if they drive me too far up the wall.


*LOVE LIFE* (If you want to call it that!)




I don't know yet.


I looked over the last posts FROM this summer, where I was all happy to be boyfriend free. I was happy. For about a week.


My guy broke my heart and I just didn't realize it for a little while. Until he wanted to come back to me and out of spite I said no, so that he could feel the pain too. Of course, for him it was double the pain because the chick that he was beginning to like a lot broke his heart.


I saw a few guys off and on between July and October. I pretended to enjoy it. Most of the time I didn't. People wonder why I date older guys. I'd like to say it's because they're more "mature," but to be completely honest, that isn't totally it. Why? Because a lot of the older guys that I've ever talked to are just as immature as someone my own age - they just hide it better. Maybe I shouldn't use the word "hide." It's more of...they know when to kill the immaturity temporarily...when they know if they don't calm down for a bit they're gonna be in the doghouse for a while. I like that Wayne can SOMETIMES control his immaturity. I mean, I can be very immature myself, so I won't ramble too much on all of that.


To make a long story short: Any of the guys I hung out with this summer were disappointments to say the least. Guys can be way too oblivious/rude/insensative/etc. NOT ALL GUYS, mind you...but many.


And, yes, Wayne and I are back to seeing each other. He likes to think that we're not "technically" boyfriend and girlfriend, but when my dad (who didn't know that Wayne and I were really together for the 2 years that we WERE together) can finally see it, you know that everyone else is seeing it too. That, and the fact that the boy "slips" and calls me his girlfriend, takes me down to visit his family for Christmas, and bought my parents' Christmas gifts...yeah, tell me he isn't my boyfriend. Oh...and did I mention all of the engagement talk and his family talking as if I'm already an in-law (that they LIKE).




-Went on a random roadtrip with 2 of my roommates back in October. We came back to Richmond to go see the musical "Miss Saigon"...then to Williamsburg for some good ol' Busch Gardens...and dinner with a friend...and the JMU vs. W&M football game.


-Went to Norfolk for a random concert at the NORVA...nice place. Good times. Hung out with some band members...they were awesome. I went there thinking I wouldn't have fun because it wasn't my type of music, but I had a blast!! Along with this came a random trip to "Grandma's" house...(that'd be Wayne's grandma).


-Went to Tennessee for the UT vs. Vanderbilt football game. Had a great time as I usually do in Tennesee. Got sunburnt and I'll be damned if I'm still not sunburnt almost a month and a half after the fact.


-Had a decent Thanksgiving. I will say that I have too much family, though. Not that too much family is a bad thing. Lord help them when those of us closer to my age start popping out babies, though. It's gonna get hectic!!


-One of my cousins got married the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was a busy, busy, busy weekend. I went to "help" set-up the reception with the groom's sisters (my cousins), an aunt, and a few other random cousins and found out that no one knew that they were doing. Which meant me - Miss Obsessed-with-decorating - had to take over or leave the reception hall boring and wind up with an unhappy bride.


-I just got back FROM a little weekend post-Christmas trip to visit Wayne's family. Thankfully they seem to like me, although I do feel that they may think I'm a little "stuck up"...or DID think that, at least. I think they're warming up to me. They're very laid-back and I walked in all dressed up (drove straight FROM work to Richmond to pick Wayne up and then straight to Norfolk, so I didn't have time to change out of my work clothes). His grandma was talking to me while we were trying to get our stuff together and out to the car and she kept tearing up...telling me that I "made [her] Christmas complete" and that I'm "just so precious." And of course telling Wayne that FROM now on when he visits he better bring me and only me. "No other girls! We want Kim down here." It's nice to feel "loved."


-Today was my grandma's (on dad's side) 75th birthday. We had a surprise party for her at my cousin's house. A lot of people showed up and I know she was truly surprised and happy, so that's all that matters. Although she doesn't typically like the big hoopla and whatnot that comes with any semi-large gathering, I know she appreciated the effort. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA!


-ALMOST FORGOT! Car accidents galore. I was attempting to drive back to Richmond FROM Harrisonburg after our second snow of the season because Wayne was HAVING surgery to have his gallbladder removed and he wanted me to take him to the hospital. Guess who hit some ice on the interstate, spun around numerous times, and ultimately ended up in a ditch, facing against traffic?? Yep, that'd be me. Can we say scary?! THANKFULLY, though...I am fine, not injured at all. And the car...well, I think it's a little out of whack, but still drivable and holding it's own. No visible damage. Less than a week later my aunt was in a car accident (not her fault). Her car was "more than likely totaled"...but thankfully she is fine. The following night one of my brother's friends was in a car accident...once more car damaged, kid not (although in my opinion the accident was his fault).


I do believe that the above is everything that I have to say at this point. Hope you enjoyed reading everything. I'm going to go think about heading to bed now. Hope everyone is doing well and had a great last five months...lol. Hope you had a great *fill in whatever holidays you have celebrated lately*!! I'll try to get back to posting more often. I miss talking to many of you. Especially Miss Monopolized who I used to have random conversations with periodically. How ya been?


Anyway...g'nite and take care!! style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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(sing to theme for "Rawhide"): Scrollin scrollin scrollin, get that wheel a turnin.. Long poooooooooooooosssssssssssssssstttttttt!!!!!!!!


I would go and try to print it, but I don't think there is that much ink in a new cartridge.

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