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Why Me? 12/17


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Ugh. Its a week or so till christmas and I STILL didn't get gifts. Thats a thing I hate about Christmas. Again another learning day that I'm not at. I'm soon gonna be so behind the class (not to mention I have make up homework.) So I'm pissed. Mom is taking a walk. She gets really cranky sometimes. Last night I had a bad dream. Chuckie was behind me and then i woke up seeing his shadow. But that was a part of the dream. I get freaked out alot at night. I still sleep with the TV on. It sooths me. I also think my cat is an angel. He lies down behind my door like hes protecting me. Its strange because then he looks angry then he pounces on air and then goes beack to his normal position. Am I dreaming or is he an Angel from Heavens protecting me? I pray alot to send an angel to watch me. Maybe this is the angel. Or... I could just be stupid with a weird imagination. I gotta get ready for the feild trip. Were seeing a movie for the first time. That lemony Snicket Movie. My cat is again watching me. Gotta go I think my mom is comming.

:blah: :blah: :blah: blabing more than usal

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