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Ok this sucks...


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I enjoy my little "home" here on the net.  I'll admit I tend to take vacations but I do try to CHECK on my site.  Well, my nice little site got hacked and the main forums page was destroyed. Grrrrrrrrr...


I think it's bad enough that people go around hacking sites and accounts to begin with, but it's worse when some lamer picks MY site to pick on.  I mean, what did I ever do to them?  And why did they pick my simple site?  Only someone lame would pick a site that is as unknown as this one.  Just in case that loser sees this, I have to say that if you have to resort to a site as unwell known as this one, then you are definitely a horrible hacker.  You look for the easy jobs and think that you rule.  Just a hint, but it shows how much you suck.

Oh well, I have the logs so I hope they're happy with leaving a trail to trace them with.


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Gawd, I am sorry about your site,but there are stupid people out there who, obviously, have nothing better to do, and therefore have absolutly NO life at all! I'm really sorry to hear that, but you can build it up stronger than BEFORE YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!! -- acorrding to "He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe!!" well, ttyl!
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