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a diary in the life of gabby.


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[glow=Hot pink]Dear Diary[/glow]  


Hey, today has been a more good/sad day. i guess u could say....a couple weeks ago my father told me he has cancer on his tongue:( suxs.  i mean he has been chewing tobacco for the last 20 years now..so yes..i mean god why couldn't it have happend to anyone else? oh yeah i was in kidsonline today and i said a rude kick msg=/shame on me. i mean i think im ok @ oping but angeldancer hillie and lavos r better they'll pry get op b4 i will ever do..=( but there really good @ oping. anyhow Christmas is coming up and i want a celly so bad!!! have u made a good goal in helping out the homeless yet? well u need to..i have a pen pal FROM norway and he wants a bevus and butthead t-shirt and i send him back saying: i will do the best i can getting u the butthead t-shirt..but remember bevus and butthead do not represent american tv:) lol i thought it was funny style_emoticons/default/nod.gif so anyhow...i wonder how kiki is doing...? i mean i want her to get back on to kids-online real bad...i want that meeting! there fun they sometimes talk about like oping ppl so i want to be there of coarse style_emoticons/default/sad.gifi):  im so  :censored: mad right now becuz of my bf...well my soon to be ex becuz hes breaking up with me soon..i guess i heard that..


well i am out for now...



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Beavis & Butthead, not bevus. style_emoticons/default/smile.gif


KiKi's uncle, last I heard, is trying to help her get her computer working again.


If you have heard 'through the grapevine' that your bf will be breaking up with you, I'd ask him directly and try to work things out if you really care about him.



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