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A Girls Gotta Gab


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Hey everyone.. nice to see ya again...Its me ILuv2Talk...But you can call me Gabby. Christmas is coming up soon and i can HARDLY WAIT!! i think im getting a cell phone!! hopefully i will! it'll be cool. i will calll up all my friends on my new celly! haha yes. but i feel bad for ppl ya know the "less fortunate" to all the ppl who r reading this make a good Christmas for ppl..go to the local food bank and give food. or give a nice toy @ the homeless shelter. u could do a big thing for a small child. yes you could. hey did u guys hear that Fluffyrat got a tree frog! LOL THATS CUTE everyone go to her story its hilarious.... alright now for my advice of the day i knwo u guys all love this! Do As I Say Not As I do


signing off this is Gabby see ya laterz

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I didn't get a tree frog. I got an African Dwarf Frog. It's an itty bitty aquatic frog. Now I'm going to get a Leopard Frog too. I WANT a tree frog but I can't afford the terrarium set up for it right now, so I'll deal with that later. Anyway...thanks for the shout out there Theresa! style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

BTW...Happy Christmas and I hope you all have a very Merry New Year.



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