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hey everyone. just today i wish i would have made a guy cry. i mean guys suk sometimes...no offence to the hott ones! lol but still they flirt with every fricken ugly girl there is....i mean just hold up a sign that says" :flirt:  !!! why dont u?? jeesh. i have a concert tonite...! it should be good...if anyone ever needs good advice come to me i will always be here for u and ur probs. well im signin off....



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[glow=Hot Pink]U Do Have A Point Lacey[/glow]  


Although thats a good point...still i mean guys shoudl flirt wif there own girls....not anyone elses...its gay and pointless and meaningless to the guy whos flirtin with NOT his girl....its st00pid.... :blue: do u get that? ITS ST00PID!!


Signing Off This Is Gabby...........style_emoticons/default/smile.gif Have a good weekend santa

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It depends on the type of flirting.  Flirting doesn't always mean hitting on or trying to score with someone.  When people flirt, it's usually because there is some sort of liking between the people, even if it's strictly as a friend.  No sexual-tension or anything has to be present either.  It's just a sign of fondness and all.


Of course, if the flirting includes grabbing the girls butt, squeezing, and talkin about goin INTO another room to do some things..  Then that's not flirting.


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