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[OLD]Office Super Store employees

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A short time ago, my mothers computer's modem died.  So, on the weekend, my father and I decided to go to all the local office stores to buy a new one.  First, we went to Staples and I asked the sales guy "Where are your external modems?"  He walked me down the isle where all the modems are.  They had all these modems that were FROM companies that i've never heard of such as Best DATA and Actiontec.  I asked the man why he only had these nonamers and he said "Oh, these are all the external modems they make."  That was the biggest most foolish statement I had heard, since I just had bought one with a friend for his computer at that same store two weeks ago.   :stare:   I noted the prices and proceeded to Office Depot.


At Office Depot, the only sales person available was a man with a very heavy German accent.  I asked him where his external modems are, and he said "Ze modemz are right zis way".  I Followed him to his isle and he showed me the external ones.  I noted that the price for the modem that I wanted (Which was by a company that I had heard of before, U.S. Robotics) and it was rather high.  I informed the salesperson of this, and inquired him if there were any rebates for this.  He said no, so I told him that I would go to Office Max to see if there were beter prices, and that I may be back later.  He said "Oh, zay do not carry zis modem that you want."  I asked how he would know, since he was, in fact an Office Depot employee and not an Office Max employee.  He said "Vell, I must know my competitors stock and prices".  I knew that he probably was just making this up, to try to get me to buy his way overpriced modem.  So I proceeded over to Office Max.


In office Max, I asked the lady there where her modems where.  She glared at me and said "Oh, I'm sorry, we dont have any."  I knew this couldnt be true.  So I walked down the isles and eventualy found what I wanted.  They did, in fact, have the same U.S. Robotics modem that I wanted, 20 dollars cheaper.  I went to checkout and finally had my modem!!



If Microsoft ever makes a product that doesn't suck, it would be a vacuum cleaner!

--Tarek Spotts, 2003

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I would have made sure to address that lady that said that they don't carry modems, and SHOW her what you found.  "If you don't carry modems, then this must be the one I left here by mistake, right?"  Hahaha, and make sure others are there to witness it.  But make sure that she verifies that they do not carry modems, so that you can have her in a spot, you probably could have gotten a discount on it to make up for the bad customer service.


After that, I would have gone back to the other store, asked for that same guy, let him gloat for a second and then chop him down by saying, loudly (but not rudely) that he was wrong, you found it at the other store, for cheaper, and that he should not have lied to you.




I guarantee he would have gotten INTO trouble.  By the way, U.S. Robotics - excellant brand.

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