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[OLD]A simple "no!" should suffice...


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Dear Kim,


I started dating this guy that I have liked for a year and a half about a month ago. He's really nice and cute but he's been trying to pressure me INTO HAVING sex with him and I let him know I don't want to and he says he understands but he still does these little things to push a little further. How do I get him to understand that no means no?






Dear GC,


In my outright honest opinion (which is what you'll get here), if the boy doesn't understand "no" or perhaps "I don't want to" or even "I'm not ready for that" then you may want to strongly consider kicking him to the curb.  If he's persistent and unrelenting, then he's not going to stop anytime soon.  If it makes you uncomfortable and he refuses to stop pushing the issue, it is probably time to move on and find someone that will respect your feelings on the matter.  But before you make any definite decisions I would take him aside one more time, sit him down, and tell him that you need to talk to him.  Make sure there are no distractions (friends, tv, etc.) around and tell him once and for all how you really feel.  But, if he's pressuring you this much after only a month, I can only imagine that it won't stop anytime soon.  But I guess there is always hope.  Good luck!



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wow, finally, a post in this forum!


I'm wondering, what are his reasons for wanting it?  I mean if it's something lame like 'everyone else is doing it' then he has some issues to deal with.  Being a guy (I am?  for real?) I could think of reasons to be eager for it, but only to a point.  And not with the excuse of "I'm a guy so I need it" either.  That's really just as lame, if not worse.  To be honest, the reasons actually can work for both genders, both for and against engaging in sexual relations at a particular time.


My girlfriend (if she reads this) knows what I am talking about, and knows that I'm not just in favor of a guy getting some action.  Thinking of reasons that I know of for being eager, and applying the situation that she wrote about, if that guy doesn't realize what he has, then he doesn't deserve her.  (Yes, a guy thinking a guy needs to chill out on wantin sex).


Miracles never cease, do that?


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