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Just peeking in to say "Hi".  Hope everyone is doing well.  ;) Life has gotten so busy, it is hard to get on here.  Wish I could remember who told me it would get easier when the kids got older.  It was a lie.  Sure I don't have to pack them around on my hip, but now I have to drive them everywhere in my car.


Talk to you soon!!

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What point were you trying to make to this teacher?  I hate it when teachers' heads swell up bigger than the state of Florida and they cop up those attitudes of "I dont want to deal with you, So I'll just give you a detention."  Also, it is a big thing in my school to just say "Guess what, You're going to the office!"  So I go down, tell the real story, creaming the teacher and the principal involved.  SoBe, What you gotta do is SHOW them who pays their salary and that they arent better than anyone else just because they have a certification.  After all, with enough effort, that precious certification of theirs can be taken away.  Trust me, flash that by em, they'll leave you alone ... for a while at least.  Then, if they continue to be all Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. Slick, simply write a letter or email to the Department of Education.  I've done it before, they make a big deal out of everything.  Example, if a teacher were to falsely send a student to detetion for no good reason, the DOE steps in and 1) sanctions the school or 2) puts the teacher on suspension or removes their certification, depending on the severity of the matter.  The DCF (Department of Children and Families) also do a good job at that stuff.  Chow!



--If Microsoft were to ever make a product that doesn't suck, it would be a

  Vacuum Cleaner.  -- Tarek Spotts, 2003

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