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I'm glad you have your power back there Wolfie.  You got it back pretty quickly.  We didn't get our's back until 5:20 yesterday morning, and we lost it at 12:15 Thursday.  (I was in the middle of cooking lunch)  My brother and sister in law STILL don't have power but they finally go there phone back.  Unfortunately a tree went through Jennifer's windshield on her car and though it'll cost more than the car is worth to REPLACE the windshield, her parents are going to as they have no way to get a new car and they can't keep driving mine.  The back end of my neighborhood is still without power and that's most of the reason why we didn't have our's until yesterday.  A tornado went through down there and completely devastated everything.  Three houses had trees down on them and one shifted on it's foundation, bursting all the pipes.  The power company did finally just cut the power back there and give us our's back.  I suppose they had to make sure no power would run through the down lines.  BTW:  THANKS VIRGINIA POWER!  The dry ice was a life saver.  We only had to wait like an hour and a half for it too.  I'm glad everyone made it through all right and let's pray another one doesn't come, at least not for many years.
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