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Barky the Dog (Snickers commercial)


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Ok I know it's been out for awhile, but the Snickers commercial with Barky the dog is just way too awesome to ignore.


The character that is shown is purely amazing.  It shows what many of us have only felt like doing when dealing with stupid people or just wanting to vent.  First part of the commercial shows a family walking up to Barky the dog, who is standing next to a sign with "Next Water Slide SHOW is at: NOON".  So then what happens?  The 'dad' of the family asks when the next water slide SHOW is at.  Barky then proceeds to point to and even shove his face right up at the sign making comments like, "You'd think they'd put a sign up telling you when the next SHOW is going to be" and "DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE NEXT SHOW WILL BE?", both in very sarcastically funny tones.


There are many variations of this commercial, but the full commercial is the best.  It has clips like Barky on break (he has the head under one arm, and is on his cell phone) - sees a kid walking up to him, tells his caller to hold on and then says to the kid, "What do you want?"


Another good part is when a kid goes up to him and says, "Are you really Barky the dog?" and he responds back, "Barky is just a cartoon, I'm a grown man who's made a looooooooot of mistakes."  To this, the dad comments that Barky isn't feeling well and is pulling his kid away FROM Barky.


I've seen that commercial countless times, and still get a laugh every time I see it.

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Marketing at its best!!


One day I'll be creating/thinking of ideas for those commercials...


...yeah right...


...wishful thinking.


Be good to me, marketing degree...please treat me right.  


I paid good money for you!


And in 8 months you'll be mine.  





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