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So how about this..  Early Monday (Aug 11th), I put in the ORDER to have my domain name transferred FROM Globat's control to Tera-Byte.  Then I waited...  And waited...  Finally asked Tera-Byte if there was any estimate for how much longer before it would be finished, and I was told that it was waiting on Globat to approve the transfer.


So, on Friday, I call up Globat, and ask them what the hold-up is.  They claim they never got the email.  BULL!  With todays technology, the odds of their not getting that one email is practically zilch.  Well, I take that back.  This is a company of poor service and intelligence that we are talking about here, so for them, just because of their own stupidity and clumsiness, it is slightly possible that they didn't get the email.


Of course, part of me believes that someone got the request and then chucked it with the DEL key.  Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, given that during the past year they have done nothing but make excuses to run the servers in a stupid way.  I mean, ANYONE with any intelligence, especially in a management position, would be able to look at my majoy complaint and say, "whoa, that is a bit outrageous on our part" and make some sort of a change to make the service better.


Idiots, I swear.


Ok so picking up..  I emailed Tera-Byte and told them they needed to resend the request, and then proceeded to tell Globat that #1, control is to be given to Tera-Byte A.S.A.P. (when they get the email, they are to approve it immediately), and that I want them to readjust my enteries to point to the new DNS servers.  Wow, silly me thought they actually did it when they said, "ok it's done".  Let me get another reason to be upset with them, and I'll call up their customer service, with a nice LONG list of gripes to throw at them, and insist on a partial refund for services not rendered (but paid for).


Even with power outages, service interruptions and shutting down for storms, my computers have better connectivity than their hosting services.


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Here is a semi-copy of the form I filled out to cancel my service with Globat.Com


Please let me know if there is anything that I forgot, in case I need to ever deal with them again...



1. What is your domain name?*

  >>>  Dacity.Com

2. What is your username?*  

  >>>  Truicle

3. What is your password?*  

  >>>  (haha yeah right)

4. What is your e-mail address?*  

  >>>  (haha yeah right)

5. Why do you wish to cancel your account with us?*  Choose one...

  >>> Giving up my web site.

  >>> Not satisfied with package

  >>> Not satisfied with service <---  THIS ONE!!!!

  >>> Not satisfied with tech support

  >>> Found better price

  >>> Found better features

  >>> Found better service  

6. Where are you moving your site to?*

  >>> www.tera-byte.com

7. How long have you been with Globat?*  Choose one...

  >>> Less than 2 weeks

  >>> Less than 3 months

  >>> Less than 1 year <---  THIS ONE!!!!

  >>> 1 to 2 years

  >>> More than 2 years

8. Have you used our technical support?*

  >>> Yes

  >>> No

  If Yes, how satisfied were you with our tech support?*  Choose one...

     >>> Very satisfied

     >>> Somewhat satisfied

     >>> Not really satisfied <---  THIS ONE!!!!

     >>> Terrible

9. Anything else you would like us to know?

  >>> Ever since the very beginning I have had frequent problems, the most noticable being that the server software gets rebooted every 30 minutes.  This results in a downtime of 1 minute (sometimes 2 minutes), and on some occassions, the site would be down for an entire 30 minutes as it failed to get restarted.


  >>>Mathematically, this accounts for an hour a day of site downtime, or 30 hours per month, or 365 hours per year.  Given the amount of time lost when compared to an acceptable 5 minutes per year downtime, it is very poor and unreliable service.  I have tried numerous times to mention the idea that this 'required rebooting' be performed every 4 hours, which would result in downtime of only 6 minutes per day (if each time were 1 minute long).  Please note that the 365 hours of down time does NOT include the frequent times that my site was down for a full 30 minutes before returning to service.


  >>>Due to this poor service, I have been telling people to avoid Globat.Com for any hosting needs unless they are not in need of reliable uptime for their site.


  >>>I have already purchased a plan with tera-byte.com (including their handling my domain-name account, so please do not dispute the transfer of control to them) and have thus far had very reliable and satisfactory service with them and the additional services that they offer.  It should be noted that their prices are only about $5 dollars more, but well worth the investment for services being offered.


  >>>Perhaps, in the future, when a customer offers an intelligent and reasonable suggestion, it will be looked INTO seriously instead of disregarded as I have been.


  >>>Simply upgrading your services to include 1,000 megs worth of space is not an alternative to unreliable site responsiveness.  What good will additional space be if the site is not responding?  More time, money and resources should be aimed at correcting the problem with uptime, rather than trying to offer impressive hosting storage space.  There are many sites who offer less space but give better satisfaction to its customers due to site reliability.


  >>>All this said, I can not be thankful for the services received, as I remained hopeful that the issue I have been dealing with would get resolved before the end of the 1 year term of service.  Since it has not, and even during the process of trying to download my site, I experienced problems, you have lost a customer who could have been an easy ORDER to fill.


  >>>As a final mention, many of my sites visitors have commented on the problem, which is where most of my frustration is coming from, and has only helped to re-inforce this decision.  If I felt it worth the effort, I would calculate precisely how much of my paid fees were not given proper service and demand a refund for the lost time, but as I wish to put Globat.Com behind me, I feel it in my best interest to not worry about it at this time.  Globat.Com has been a mistake that I get reminded of every 30 minutes, and wish to move on to problem free enviroment.



Please excuse me if I seem to be on a gripe with Globat.Com


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