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I just really like nuggets


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Seeing as how Admin loves to hear about my life and I've not posted here in a while, I'll give you an update.


Though I see Sara often, she's out of the picture.

Shere is out of the picture as well.


So...Josh, Pam, and I are out shopping. We decide to grab a bite to eat. Therefore, we stop and dine-in at Wendy's.  You have to know me to understand but I was giving the cashier a hard time...in a friendly, flirting manner. Heck, she was cute and it's a reaction to such situations. Now, this girl was always one step ahead of me - she could be just as sarcastic. This perked my interest.


When we left, I looked at Pam in the passenger's seat and stated that I was flirting with that girl and that I thought she was flirting with me as well. Pam nodded her head in a very confident manner and said "Yeah, she was." With a puzzled look upon my face, I then asked if she knew her. "Yeah, she went to school with me", Pam replied, "and I've heard she's that way."


Come to find out, Dana has first block with her in school. So, I sent Dana on a mission. However, April has a girlfriend. This poses a tad problem.


The next day rolls around. "She was all smiles and giggles when I mentioned your name. She said you are extremely cute and sweet...and that she loves your car." lol "She wants you to meet her at Wendy's tomorrow. She gets there at five.", Dana states. Second day rolls around (the day I'm scheduled to meet April at work), "I talked to April for just a little bit - not much. She wanted to make sure you were definantly coming tonight."


Not much has happened since then. I met her tonight. She worked in the back. So, I didn't get a chance to really talk to her. However, I met her after work. She's tried to call me but it's long distance. (I drive too dang far to get to work, I swear.) The good news, though, she's now single and made that absolutely clear to me.


So, I'm going to try getting to know this girl much better. She's a little hottie with the sarcastic, intelligent attitude to go with those looks. Until tomorrow, we'll have to see what happens..



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