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The Longest Entry Ever!!


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So…the lake trip...


It was a good time - a great time even.


I got to get away FROM Midlo. I got to get away FROM my parents…from work…from my brat brother…from Wayne…from everything!


And here are [most of] the details… *snicker* …a girl’s got a right to some privacy!!



Paul: My coworker, my source of entertainment, my friend. At 33 years old, I tease him for being a grandpa. It’s all in good fun.


Jennifer: Paul’s wife. She’s half Asian, too. Paul doesn’t know what to do with himself. “If I’m at home, I’m dealing with a crazy Asian – I thought that was hard enough. But now I have to deal with a crazy Asian at work, too? Good lord!!” She’s 36.


Larry aka Laarr: He’s 30. He’s another coworker of mine. He was kind enough to dub me the official “office hussy”…I feel so loved!!


Vicki: She’s the eldest of all of us. At 46, she’s even older than my parents! But she’s still great. She is also a coworker and lots of fun to be around. We’ll forgive her age – not like she can just go and change it!!


Scott: Well, he’s Paul’s friend. Paul has been telling me for weeks that I should meet Scott. “You two would get along well together.” He’s 32. A little old? Yeah! So…did we get along? Read on, sucka!!




Can we say slacking off?? I most definitely slacked off as much of the day as I could manage. And, I managed to wiggle my way out of work 2 hours early. It was wonderful. I came home and got my packing and whatnot done so that I could be sure to be on time to meet up with everyone at Paul and Jenn’s house. I get to their house around 6 and Vicki and Larry were already there. Scott was the slowpoke, so we were waiting around for him to arrive. We got all of our stuff loaded INTO the cars while waiting for him to get there…and then he finally showed later than he was supposed to. Way to make a good first impression!! Haha…but it’s all good. He’s cute, so I forgave him…lol. Just kidding…*wink* So, yeah – I finally met the “infamous” Scott after all the “Kim, you should really meet my friend Scott”s. It was cute – he came up and shook my hand and what not. But ANYWAY…they decided that Paul would ride with Laarr, Jennifer would ride with Vicki, and Scott would be “stuck” riding with me. Stuck? I think not. He should’ve felt privileged to ride with me, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought!! Now, normally when I first meet someone, stuff doesn’t always just flow well. But, surprisingly enough, Scott and I had good conversation our entire 3.5 to 4 hours in the car together. It was nice to have a decent flowing conversation with someone new. Typically I’d be all shy and whatnot. But I’m finally realizing that I need to start being a little more outgoing – and that was as good a weekend to start being outgoing as any other. So, we finally get to the house and it isn’t in tiptop condition. We got to clean for a while and didn’t start getting ready to head to bed until 11, which wasn’t late, but we wanted an early start at the water on Saturday. There were two air mattresses, one was Vicki’s and one was Scott’s – shame on me, but I opted to share Scott’s with him. I have no regrets – however, it did land me the title of “hussy” – which I am called around the office now, quite frequently…but it’s all good. I didn’t do anything wrong!! So there!! Larry got us laughing and kept us laughing until about 1am. Then we just couldn’t sleep. Scott and I were talking and joking for another several hours after that. Finally we fell asleep around 6am – yes, 6am – and…if you must know…I was good…just some cuddling…nothing illegal!!




Good times. The lake was gorgeous. The water was perfect. Not too cool, not too warm. There was a whole lot of jet skiing, jumping off the diving board, dunking people, and knocking people INTO the water. Lots of drunken men. We spent almost all day outside and the weather was a great as one could’ve hoped for. After our fun in the sun we all went up and helped with dinner which we had out on the patio. Of course Scott was the most wasted of everyone and ended up passing out while we were cooking. Lazy butt didn’t get up forever. We took photos to poke fun, because that’s what we know how to do best! Lots of food – and then the drinking began! After dinner, the drinking games began. First it was beer-a-mid along with lots of arguing about what CDs to listen to. Soon after came the seemingly never-ending name game. We played that for AT LEAST 4 hours. It’s ridiculous how amusing you can find these games to be when you’re on the brink of complete drunkenness. Paul and Jenn wandered down to the dock eventually and Scott and I soon followed suit. Once we got down there, they left and we just half passed out down there. There was a HORRIBLE band attempting to play some music so we made fun of them for quite a while. Then Scott insisted that we stay out there until he found the Big Dipper – he never did. Finally he was just about passed out and I made him get up so we could go back to the house. Once more – it was a nice quiet, cute evening. Lots of fun, some flirting…it all makes for a good combination.




We got up and started to clean and pack, but then decided to head back to the water for a few hours. We were hanging out down there FROM like 9:30 to 12:30 and then we packed up the rest of the stuff and headed to the house. We gathered the leftovers FROM the night before and had a decent little lunch before we packed up to go home. It was kind of ugly because Larry and Vicki had already left, so Paul, Jenn, Scott, and I had to shove ALL of our junk INTO my car AND make sure there was room for us in there. Paul wanted to drive and Jenn called shotgun, so Scott and I ended up kind of squished in the backseat, because we had so much stuff in the car with us. But it’s all good. We ended up HAVING to stop in Lynchburg to DROP the lake house keys off at Paul’s parent’s house and to have some cake and icecream, because Paul’s dad’s birthday was this past Monday. But soon enough we were on our way home. We finally got back in town around 6:30. After we had unloaded everyone’s stuff, Paul and Jenn invited me to stay for dinner and I did. Scott ended up not staying, but we parted ways with a nice little hug – nothing more. We had a nice little dinner and then eventually I went home.


And that was my weekend – without all the super-specific details, because I’m too lazy. But that’s the summary and it should do.


Now on to the remainder of my week...because it is oh-so-thrilling...



SUCKED!! Paul had his FLEX day, so I didn't have anyone to talk to...well, I did have Larry, Vicki, and Jim, but they're all downstairs, and it's hard to get away with slacking off downstairs. I was bored out of my mind when I didn't have Miss Ande or others to talk to on AIM. I worked on our STUPID, HORRIBLE paper for our intern GROUP project. I hate it WITH A PASSION. I can't wait until 11am tomorrow when I can toss the piece of shoot at our cooridnators and be done with it. That was about it. Much slacking off - as usual.



I sent out the revisions of the horrible, evil paper to my fellow interns. One went psycho witch on me and sent me some nasty, nasty e-mails. Had to ramble about how I "don't understand" her. How everyone is against her. How her ideas are great and we just can't comprehend. We're not at her level of thinking. Oh yeah - that's right - we attempt to be LOGICAL. I'm sorry that we don't live in your fooked up little dream world where you're perfect. What was that? You ARE perfect? Far FROM it! You're a psychotic, skanky, piece of shoot. (In case you couldn't tell, I don't like her - nor do any of the other interns). Put some clothes on...we're supposed to be professional looking, dumbass. Ok...I'm done for now on that...haha.



A whole lot of nothing. Either I was in Paul's cubicle or he was in mine. Goofed off, and you know, I might've been worried about goofing off had my supervisors not already completed my final evaluation. It's usually easy to get a good evaluation when you make friends with one of your supervisors. And, when you spend a whole weekend with them at the lake, you become pretty chummy. Vicki filled out my eval, so it was definitely good. Yes, I know that for a fact, because they are required to give me a copy of it!



Sucked also. Paul, pansy butt, called in "sick." His back has been bothering him. I told him to suck it up. He didn't. GRRR. I was abandoned yet again. Made some finishing touches on the paper and goofed off the remainder of the time. Once again, I'm glad that I had people to talk to on AIM - otherwise I probably would've fallen asleep at my desk...hehe.



I had lunch with my friend Clifton.  Although he got lost on his way to the restaurant - DORK!  Unfortunetly I had an intern meeting FROM 11:00 to 12:00.  Vicki, Larry, and Jim were all off today, so it's just Paul and I to fend for ourselves. Nothing too exciting to tell.



I'll be up in D.C. at least half the day Saturday and probably all day Sunday. We have a wedding and reception to go to on Saturday and I'm sure mom'll want to go shopping on Sunday.


That's all for now. Bu-bye!

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