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Maybe ya'll can help me. I am desperately seeking a particular painting. It's titled "The Lion's Bride", and was painted in the late 1800s by Gabrielle Max. It's based on a German fairy tale about a young girl who raises a lion cub to adulthood, but abandons it when she decides to marry. On her farewell visit, the lion, laying solemnly, suddenly flies INTO a rage and kills her. The story ends with the lion sadly at the girl's side, while the lady's betrothed rushes up to the cage with a rifle to dispatch the lion.


The painting is missing and no one seems to know who or what organization owns the painting, or if it even exists anymore. Even full size colour prints are nearly impossible to find.


If you have information on this print or painting, or have one...please contact me. I would be interested in seeing any colour print - but the full size lithograph printed by J.Ottman Lithographers in New York is the one I'm primarily interested in obtaining.



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