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The last few days have been busy, busy, busy.  Not busy in a work busy kinda way.  Just going here and there busy.  Friday I was at work a little late, then I had to go take care of a friend's dog, then I headed to The Diamond for my first Richmond Braves game of this season.  I don't know where Wayne got the tickets from, but we had very good seats, and it was a good time.  For once (at a game I have attended) the Braves kicked some serious tail.  Saturday I was a lazy bum and slept 'til 11 or so, and then I finally got up and went with my dad to "the shop" (as we call it - it's our nail salon - yeah...Asians owning a nail salon...go figure) to "fix" one of the sinks and change the air filters and CHECK on the light bulbs and what not.  Then it was storming like crazy, so we went to my cousin's house to hang out and see the new baby.  Then it was home to be yelled at by mom for not cutting the grass and doing other yard work (in the POURING rain - my mom's a goof).  That night I went to go see "Bruce Almighty" with mom and dad.  Funny movie...go see it.  Sunday was the big family reunion - Talley style.  That'd be my paternal grandmother's side of the family.  It was our first official family reunion in 11 years.  Of course, I understand that some of them (most of the adults) did get together 6 years ago for my great uncle's retirement party.  And, unfortunetly, there was another "reunion" at my grandpa's funeral 4 and a half years ago.  But I was a little distracted there and definitely not happy, so that wasn't a reunion for me.  So, yeah, it was a good time for the most part.  Got to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a long time.  Got to re-meet some people that I don't remember because it HAD been 11 years since I'd seen them.  And, got to MEET some people that weren't even alive at the last reunion.  Lots of babies!!  Babies make me happy.  Unfortunetly we did have one of my aunts spoil some of the fun near the end, but I won't delve INTO that too much...let's just say that she didn't spoil too much fun because she wasn't actually at the reunion.  If she were at the reunion there would've been a chorus of "POOF!  BE GONE *fill in your choice of not so nice names here*!!!" FROM our "fun-loving" Clark side of the family and we would've ignored her FROM there.  And then last night almost as soon as I got home I went out to go to the movies with the boy and some friends.  "The Italian Job" - I was rather indifferent about seeing it, because I didn't really know what it was about before I went because I hadn't seen the previews, but I did enjoy it.  Go see that one, too!  And today was all work - and no play.  The remainder of the week is full of meetings both in the office and outside of the office.  And I JUST realized that I didn't tell ya'll about my "adventure" FROM last Thursday.  I get to that in a second.  Actually...I have nothing else to say right now, so I'll get to it now.  On Thursday, it was rainy, but I went out in the field with one of the commercial appraisers in our office.  They appraise the commercial land and buildings in the county for those of you that don't know.  Janet, the appraiser that offerred to take me in the field appraises apartment complexes, nursing homes, and mini-storage/storage warehouses among other things.  "Other things" including funeral homes.  So, we go out and we drive by a few buildings that she doesn't appraise just so she can tell me how they figure out the assessments for those particular buildings.  Then we drive on over to an apartment complex.  And then, we drive by a mini-storage place.  AND THEN - we go to a new funeral home.  Well, she has never been in this funeral home before, so we have to do a walk through and make sure things are straight for the assessment.  No problem - it's a new one, right?  No dead bodies laying around or whatever.  I was right...there weren't any dead bodies laying around.  Not that they're typically just strewn about, but you know what I mean...I think.  To make a long story short - they typically wouldn't take you INTO the preparation and dressing rooms if you were "touring" the place.  But dude decides to take us in.  Now, I've seen the equipment on tv before to an extent.  I watch "Crossing Jordan" (which is all about autopsies and the likes, for those of that you don't know) and a multitude of law/crime shows.  But seeing it person.  VERY creepy.  But I was fine with it, because they were a brand new facility and nothing had been used.  Of course I find out about 10 minutes later that they, in fact, had done their first service that day - which meant everything had been used.  And I almost leaned on the table.  I know the place is clean and I KNOW they're sure things are straight.  It just gave me chills.  But it's all good now, and it was a very interesting experience.  However, I have no intention of making a funeral home (especially the prep room) a regular hang-out spot.  And now I'm officially really tired, so I'm going to go crawl INTO bed and work on one of the many cross-stitches that I am determined to finish in the next few weeks.  They're very pretty and important to me, so don't make fun of me for being a dork!  One's for dad for "Daddy's Day" and one's for Caitlin and the new baby.  I love my bed.


p.s. - I apologize in advance for any typos or wrong words or whatever that may be throughout that post.  I caught a few of my mistakes.  Just try to make sense of what I typed if you bother reading the whole thing.  (<---  I just typed "time" right there instead of "thing" but I fixed it!!  See what I mean?!?)  I'm too lazy and sleepy for some reason.  Have a great one!!!

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