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The emptiness...


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...no fun!!  Where in the world is everyone?!  Sobe?  Fluffy?  Monopolized?  Even Admin, I guess.   :8P:   And the newbies?!  I can't say I've been posting "regularly" the last few weeks, but, man - it's lonesome in the Dacity.com Forum.  I will say thanks to the newbies for keeping things "rolling" around here, in a sense.  But what happened to the "good ol' days" when we were ALL posting fairly regularly??


I think it's time for some CPR...I apologize in advance for any over-posting that I may do on this board this weekend.  HAHAHA.


*hugs* to everyone!


Why?  Just because I'm in a weird, huggy mood.


Take care.







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squeefer is FROM #kidchat.. cool lil dude style_emoticons/default/happy.gif


I guess he did a whois on Admin and saw his shameless plug for his site.. or on one of Admin's numerous and *STILL* multiplying bots


Welcome to the half dead forums squeef dude!


style_emoticons/default/bud.gif -SoBe

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My bots cannot multiply.  They can only divide..  Their attention between multiple rooms..  Heck, you think it's easy for 4 bots to be in 24 rooms?


At this rate, I could take over the network


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