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yeah... Im a poeetry l4m3r


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I hold the rose that often bled my hand,

Never learning, listening, letting go.

I held it through anguish, passion, demand,

Crying crimson tears on fabric below.

How long before I crush its frail petals?

What might happen should I bleed no more?

This bud, valued more than any metal

Locked 'neath sands near my amorous shore.

I lie so far and distant FROM forgotten bliss;

Bound in a maze of unseen emptiness.

Yet, through pain and conflict I shall still wish

Your rose will bleed your hand no less;

And that, if time and love may still permit,

Your hand shall be my rose's last requite.




I wish I weren´t such a dreamer

who dreams both day and night

I wish I didn´t believe in angels

floating softly through the moonlight

I wish I didn´t believe things were meant to be

or in fate and destiny

I wish I weren´t so romantic

as hopelessly as I am

I wish I weren´t so naive and ignorant

I wish I didn´t have such a fragile heart

that falls, oh, so easily apart

I wish I hadn´t fallen for you

for I already knew I wouldn´t make it through


If I weren´t such a dreamer

who dreams both day and night

I would live in reality

and keep happiness close in sight

If I didn´t believe in angels fallen FROM above

I would not see one in every girl I, so-called, 'love'

If I didn´t believe in 'meant to be'

I wouldn´t count so much in fate and destiny

If I weren´t so romantic,

as hoplessly as I am,

I would finally open my eyes

and the world I would understand


If I weren´t so ignorant and naive

I would not give so much, with nothing to receive

If I didn´t have such a fragile heart

I would like it to stay that way

without you breaking it apart

If I didn´t fall for you

I wouldn´t feel so down and blue

If I wasn´t the person I turned out to be

you would NEVER get the best of me!


The Purple Orchid


In my mind you are

a purple orchid

Exotic, tender, passionate

and wild

Untouchable, fragrant

bloom of dark desires

Evoking my deepest thoughts

Lost in the dreamy wonder

of an eastern forest

You are there among

the whispering glades

Of soft green bamboo

Delicately embracing the moist

warm air of night

A lover of another world

Of fantasies ethereal,

yet profoundly real

Earthy, yet ether's child

My chocolate sweetness  

in distant lands

A darkened flower of  

defined passion

My purple orchid


Just a sampling. I'm not a great writer, but I enjoy it still the same. Mostly write about love / depression. But every now and then. I find something that just inspires me to write.  Hope you all enjoy.

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