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Just wanted to let everyone know. Im officallly alive. I do exist. My name is Robert, thought most call me ROM. Dac was hounding me to post so I figured I would, but by the time I got here. Nothing but stupid topics came to mind, so I figured hey... Lets make a stupid post. I figure that by the time you read this. Ill be fast asleep in my comfy bed. So I wont have to hear the scream of flaming torture heading my way.  :devil:  Anywho. yeah. I can't think of anything else right now. Dac.... You owe me a doller for posting to your site.  :eyebrows:  Anyway, here is my official " howdy" to everyone out there. Love me hate me, respect me or don't. but whatever you do.... Ah screw it, I dont feel like being huggly and cute.



So thats it, there you have it, The first offical post people. Stay tuned. The stupided just keeps coming.


Yours truely  :stupid:


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