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Guess who?


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Yep...it's me.  I'm sorta feeling lazy and bummed right now, so I don't know how long this will be.  But I won't say that it will be "short," because normally when I say or think that, my posts end up being extremely long.




Internship = Good


I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though it is keeping me rather busy.  I didn't know that I would enjoy it at first, but I really am.  Everyone there [so far] is extremely nice and helpful.  I was a tad intimidated by the whole thing (jumping INTO another government job when I didn't enjoy the one I had the past two summers, jumping INTO a department in which I know nothing, meeting a ton of new people nonstop, finding out what they have planned for me to do this summer), but I'm settling INTO things much faster than I thought I might.


So, here's the deal.  No one - and I mean NO ONE - in the department that I am working in (Real Estate Assessment) has even the tiniest background in Marketing.  


Enter me.


"Welcome, Kim!!"


"Welcome, welcome, welcome!"


"We can't wait to start learning FROM you!!"




I think to myself "Learning FROM me?!  I came here to learn FROM YOU people!!"




-What the heck is going on?!-


"We can't wait for you to get started.  This is what we're looking for this summer:"

-A logo

-A department seal (no, not seal as in the animal!)

-A slogan

-A new design for our official assessment notices

-Possible flyers

-New designs and content for our 6+ brochures

-New ways to get our info out there besides the brochures/flyers

-For now 2, but maybe more, articles that will be published in the county newspaper and sent to all "the big people"

-A final presentation in front of our marketing committee and other bigwigs


*Oh - is that all?  Because I'm used to doing 1 project over a 3 to 4 month period with a GROUP of 4 or more people - but ya know...I can do it on my own in 13 weeks, really...I hope!*


I'm making things sound worse than they are...sorta.  That's what I was thinking at first.  But I am finding out how much I enjoy my major.  I LOVE what I'm doing.  That list [plus some - including an entirely separate project with the interns in the other departments] really is the list of things they would like FROM me this summer, but I do believe I can handle it.  I sat down today and started creating a new assessment notice, and I shocked them like no other.  These are the days that I am very happy with myself, because I could tell that they weren't saying they liked it to be nice.  They were sincerely appreciative of my work - and that makes my job worthwhile - even though I am not getting paid!  But it's all good.  End of the summer stipend, you will be in my bank account soon enough!  And hopefully they'll like me so much that they'll be offerring me a job upon graduation.  Even though it has only been 4 days since I started working, I can see this job as being a WONDERFUL starter job.  And it would be GREAT not to have to spend time worrying about what I am going to do upon graduation next May.


I have to get to sleep soon.  I have to rest up for my day full of researching and trying to find people to interview for my two (or more) articles.  Deadlines must be met!  This is exciting, because I do love to write - but I have never had anything published before.  Kind of scary to know that my work will be out for all of the public to see in a few weeks.  But I know that ultimately I'll be LOVING it.  So many doors are opening for me right now - I never imagined it could be like this.


I do have some stuff to complain about, but the good is outweighing the bad [for now], so I'll just go ahead and end this.  I hope everyone is doing well!  Take care!!

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I was kidding about limiting your posts.  That was just to poke fun at how much you write when you do post.



Now, what's wrong?


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I know you were kidding about the first post...


As for what's wrong - I don't want to fully get INTO things right now.  But when I know what the heck is going on, I'm sure you'll get another novel or something.  Right now I'm just not happy - AT ALL - and I have all of these people that "want" to know "what's wrong?"...but they really couldn't care less.  Even my boyfriend.  He is constantly asking what's wrong - and I tell him - and then he does nothing to change or help the situation.  My life is filled with stubborn, hard-headed people that seem to have become immune to my being upset.  That probably didn't make sense, but oh well.  I have to go buy some ballons for my cousins birthday party and "put on a happy face."  I'm sure I'll be momentarily happy this afternoon/evening, because I'll have all of the little kids around and they typically make me extremely happy - we'll see.


Take care.




I am typically extremely unhappy/depressed immediately upon my return to Richmond - although usually before I get here, I'm excited about the idea of being "home."  This will probably last for another week or two or three - so I apologize in advance for being witchy and whiny - it's just the way I am.  It has happened every year since I began college.


My aunt (age 28) intends to move back to Richmond FROM Washington D.C. at the end of June this year.  That is a good thing for me, because we have been talking, and next May when I graduate - because I intend to move back to Richmond at least for a while - she will move FROM where ever she is living at that time (another aunt's house or my grandparents' house) and we will get an apartment together, so I can escape the awfulness that is my parents' house.  Why wouldn't I want to start living with my boyfriend at that time?  Because I'm not going to be overly optimistic anymore and expect that we'll still be together in a year, because he can't do the same.  And, because I still don't know what in the world he is going to be doing as far as housing goes...

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