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Ok a few basics for those who don't know..  IRC means Internet Relay Chat.

It's a very popular form of chatting and provides a lot of flexibility, power, freedom, etc.  But also has its own format and style for doing things.


Stupid people in IRC get to me though...  Here's why.


In just about any form of chatting, to type in ALL CAPS is considered a form of yelling and is very highly frowned upon.  So what happens?  That's right, you get those brilliant people who come in, then claim that their keyboard is messing up.  Or that it's not yelling (as though their ONE opinion out of millions is going to make everyone smack their forehead saying, "duh, they're so right, it's not yelling!"..  uh, how about no).  I've also seen the brilliant excuse of "it making what I say stand out".  Well then, Mr. Wizard, what would you do if EVERYONE typed the same way?  It's hard to find lower-case among all CAPS, so then what is your next brilliant plan if everyone does it?  You're not the first to think it, and you're not gonna be hail as some sort of undiscovered genius.  Step in line and find other ways to get peoples attention.


Then there are those that think that it's perfectly acceptable to go INTO a chat room and say, "this is boring".  Ok, then you should leave.  Sorry, but I haven't received any paycheck FROM your butt for me to be your source of amusement, so excuse me if I don't bow down and kiss your feet.   And how do you know that you aren't boring us?  You don't see what was happening before you came in.  For all you know, we were HAVING a good ole time and when we saw you come in, we waited for you to amuse us.  Ever thought that since you are the one coming in, that maybe its your job to entertain us instead of the other way around?  And if its so boring, why don't you do something about it like, I dunno, make it exciting?


Don't get me started on those that come INTO a room, and then start sending out private messages (PM's) asking me "ctc" (means care to chat), then a minute later ask me again or ask me "asl" (means age/sex/location).  And thats if I *don't* respond to them.  Or they ask me if I want to cyber.  Ignoring the fact that their butts didn't even say anything in the chat room at all, the fact that they think everyone in chats wants to cyber is just...well...  dumb.  I understand that there are people INTO that, but before asking, shouldn't you at least try to carry on a conversation first?


I use mIRC, which allows you to set an away mode so if someone does PM you, it will auto-respond with a message that you set.  So what happens when someone PM's me and it's set?  They ignore it and keep talking.  "hey ctc?" then "what was that?" in response to my away message.  A moment later, "asl".   then "hello?"  "whats that mean you are sleeping/at school/away/etc?"  followed by "if you didn't want to talk you could have at least said so" or "is anyone there?" or even "well f* you for not talking to me".   To add onto this, a lot of people will change their nicknames to SHOW they are away.  And then, in chat, you see, "hey BOB-sleeping, want to chat?".  Um, duh.  They are asleep.


Speaking of nicks (nicknames, screennames, etc).  I'll see people with nicks like, "Mr." "Mrs." "Man" "girl" or something else that gives you the undeniable knowledge of the persons gender.  And then, someone will come in, start chatting, and then be like, "are you m or f?" (m=male f=female).  Needless to say they are the ones who flunked every grade in elementary school like 2 or 3 times.


Don't get me started on dating.  Talk to a person for 3 minutes and then they are like, "wanna be my gf?".  Um no, first off, I'm a guy.  2nd off, I've got a gf.  And even if I was looking for someone to date, and even if you were the type of person I would date, what makes you think I am gonna say yes after 3 minutes?  I mean geez.


And let me include the incredibly stupid people.  When they ask for my gender, and then I use an action (in IRC, its the /ME command), the action is something like, "/me looks in his pants".  Then thats my response.  Then they come back with, "so are you a male or a female?"


In the chat rooms available for this site, I have absolute power (but of course, its for my site).  Ok so someone pops in and then is like, "hey give me OPs".  Ok, for those that don't know, OPs means Operator status, and that means HAVING the power to kick people out, change the topic of the room, and some other settings, including the ability to mute/restrict people.  Why on earth would I give someone OPs just for popping INTO a chat room?  Geez.


Along the same lines, there are those who are on that higher level of knowledge that come in, act like turds, and then when you tell them to knock it off, they say something like, "you can't stop me".  And then after being kicked or muted a few times, they still insist that you can't stop them and that they can do anything they wish.


For anyone looking for a date, avoid these people, they will not make good donors to a kids gene pool.



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Um, don't get me started on the kiddie chats..  Oh my gawd don't get me started...  These are gripes in general, let alone specific chat rooms.


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I'd state my opinion; however, I have tendencies to look at everyone as ignorant but I also know that's what makes the world go around, everyone unique - it's called individualism. It's just too bad some have to be poorly represented by themselves.



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What gets me are people who are too stupid for their own good.  I knew this girl that said she had her hard disk with her.  A friend and I were wondering, "why would you carry that around with you".  Turns out she had her floppy disk with her, she thought it was a hard disk because the cover is hard.


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Hard disk - Floppy disk...seen that before...


Have you met any that didn't know where the "Power" button on something was - even when it says "Power" above/below the button?!


Enough said...


Come to JMU - I honestly don't know how some of these people get admitted here.  I mean, I may not be THE brightest crayon in the box all the time, but I believe I can hold my own - most of the time.



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What gets me is when you give someone proper instructions, even detailed, and they still find a way to mess it up.


For example, some people ask me how to get the ½ character to SHOW up, and I tell them "press and hold down your ALT key, then on your number pad, press the numbers 0189, then let go of the ALT key, and it should work".  Then when it doesn't work, "did you hold down the ALT key the entire time?"  and I get "no".  Um, then you didn't follow my instructions stupid!


Hey read this...



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I hate when you say you aren't accepting any private messages... and they pm you and say ctc? or does that include me?  Or... when they want to cyber and you say you are not INTO that, they act like you were just joking or they can change your mind buy typing something perverted... duh????  I call it "Flexing Your Ignorance".   :E-o:
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The biggest thing of for all disclosed and unpred. purposes " net users" is the ones who think they are gods gift to the world. The ones who think you are there to serve them and please them.... Be it entertainment, cybering, or just plain talking to them. Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy talking. But if I don't respond right off the bat... It's because I was doing something to begin with. And yet people say, what happined, where'd you go... or the best one recently " Fine then, if you dont want to talk to me then your a loser".... Really now. I know we all know the old childs ryme " Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". But must I re-iterate this necessity to the WHOLE world every 30 seconds. As if I will go to bed any differently than the night before because of something someone 100-1000's of miles says to me in a hurtfull mannor. Maybe one day society will weed through the idiots of life and we can all live happily. I vote for the takeover and habitating of planet X. We can start our own lil " Daworld "


Thats it for now. Im sure I will find something else to b... complain about soon.



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Here's something that happened recently...

in #ChatRoom (on the LinkLine/QuickChat server) - a couple of lower-life-forms were in there being morons.


Would have to look at the logs to give you the details, but in short, one of the two 'winners' cursed.  My bot removed them like removing a fat man FROM an all-you-can-eat restaraunt (it's now advertised with "All you MAY eat" just to let you know).


So what happens?  They come back in, and start yelling "abuse of power".  Um, when you come in, you get a greeting message that specifically says to watch the language and to respect/obey the ops.


In short, between the two rocket scientists, they got kicked a few times each, and instead of listening to what they were doing that was offensive (and trying to stop being jerks), they believed they were all purely innocent.


Now, there were other kicks involved that did not involve profanity (and were not done by my bot).  And I looked at all of them.  I am still trying to figure out where there was an abuse of power.  There are some kicks done by my OPs that I glance at and make a note to keep an eye on their kicks to make sure they aren't just doing it for the heck of it, but for the most part, the OPs usually make good judgement calls.


And I'll just 'touch' on one topic real quick..  The ever increasing "send this  (IM/email/etc) to xx people in the next yy mins or zz will happen"


zz being "love life will suck" or "computer will fail to reboot" or "etc" - some even say that if you manage to do it, then something great will happen.


I fuss at people I know who send me that crap - have yet to hear them tell me that I'm wrong because it happened to them (ie proof).


Oh well, got one of those earlier, just had to vent that.

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