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My junior year is officially over!!  I will be graduating about a year FROM now...give or take a few days...I don't know when we'll actually be done with school next year.  That means ya'll better start making your hotel reservations for graduation weekend!  The hotels fill up fast!!  Haha.


Seriously, though...watch my parents procrastinate and end up HAVING to stay in Staunton (30 minutes away) or somewhere further away...or even worse...my apartment.  That'd make for an ugly graduation weekend, because TWO of us will be graduating, so you know there's going to be a party - mom and dad NOT invited.


But I'm jumping ahead quite a bit, there.  This next year will either be the longest year of my life (which I doubt) or the shortest (which I hope it isn't).  I'm not ready to throw myself INTO corporate America just yet.  I'm hoping to have the best year that I've had in a long time.  Time will tell.  I know this will be a rollercoaster ride of a summer, but I'm trying to be optimistic about it all.


Working full-time at my internship, taking a class, looking for and hopefully working a night/weekend job to generate some sort of income, and spending as much time with my boyfriend and my [extended] family as possible.  (Can't say I intend to hang out with my brother AT ALL...lil' punk.  Dad and I will probably have "chill time" every day.  Mom - we'll drive each other totally crazy, but probably hang out on Sundays.  And I can't wait to be able to see my cousins regularly! )


Anyway, it's time to get to cleaning and packing...or at least pretending to clean and pack.  It's back to Richmond for the summer in 3 days or less.  Watch your back, Admin!   :8P:   Although I will be working in the Southside this year instead of the West End, so you don't have to be too scared.

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Not trying to avoid...just not trying to have to get up any earlier than necessary.  I now only have like a 10 minute commute (15 minutes at the most) instead of a 30 or 45 minute one stuck in traffic the whole way.
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