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While I'm waiting for "permission" FROM Wayne to go to bed, I thought I'd post.  (JUST KIDDING on the permission thing - he's not controlling like that!)


Anyway, things are going pretty well right now.  Scratch the whole "not taking the internship with Chesterfield County" thought FROM two posts ago.  I did accept that internship position.  It should be fun...at least fun in my weird, business student marketing major opinion.  And, surprisingly enough I found that, although I won't be paid hourly, I am supposed to receive a $1300 stipend at the end of the summer...which will immediately go towards tuition and books for my...*gasp*...senior year.  I can't believe that I'm going to be a senior!  Junior year is officially over in about 5 days.  I feel like I JUST graduated FROM high school not long ago...it's very, very odd.


I'm looking forward to senior year, though.  Although going out INTO the business world isn't something that I'm MAJORLY looking forward to...it could have its ups along with its downs.  I know it's still [kinda] early - but not really in the case of the "typically" JMU business student - to be thinking about where I'm going already...but I hope that I do find a job that isn't 100% behind a desk.  If that's the case, I'll probably be making attempts to get married and start popping out those kids like the rest of my cousins asap.  That in itself is scary.  I'm coming to the realization that soon I'll have achieved all that I had planned to achieve back in the day.  I'll have my 4-year undergrad degree on the wall...with my high school diploma on a self nearby...and all that's left is a decent job, marriage, and babies, since I have no intention of pursuing and MBA at this time...at least not until I've been out in the work force for a while.


Marriage and babies...I remember when that was SO far away.  And now my boyfriend and I are reaching the two year mark...that in itself is odd.  Not extremely odd - my ex and I were together for a year and a half - but it's odd in that I'm not bored.  I don't have a wandering eye.  Even on this campus of "beautiful people."  With John (my most recent ex)...it was like "awww...I love you..."...but...it wasn't like LOVE love.  I couldn't see myself being with him in the long run.  He's a good guy...and he cared about me...and he treated me right all in all.  But...we just weren't on the same page.  Especially as far as the maturity levels go.  I guess that's why over the years my boyfriends have gotten older and older.  But, should things not end up working out for Wayne and I in the long run, I don't think I'll continue with the age increases...too much older and I won't be comfortable with it.


Back to talking about school...the beginning of this week was horrible trying to get all of the last minute projects/presentations/etc. done.  Thankfully things weren't as painful as I thought they might be.  In fact, we got an "A" on our GROUP presentatoin that I was stressing out over.  I have finals next week.  I'm not worried about 2 of them...the third, however...well, who knows.  Those will be over on Wednesday morning.  Which leaves the remainder of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to pack.  Then it's home to Richmond.  Small shopping spree, hopefully, now that I have found out that I have to wear business suits almost everyday to work.  I already have 2 suits, but they're both black...and so boring.  And I can't just rotate 2 suits through an entire workweek.  That'd be so wrong.  And I'd get so bored...and unhappy with myself.  That all sounds seriously superficial...but a girl's gotta look halfway decent if she's going to be confident in front of high ranking (and some not so high ranking) Virginia government officials.  I tend to be extremely quiet in person unless I know you VERY well...especially if I'm worrying about how I appear.  However, if I'm confident that I look convincing as a "professional"...then I'm more liable to be convincing in ACTING professional.


Summer intentions:

*Get the most out of this internship - I KNOW it will be a great experience.

*Walk AT LEAST 4 miles a day with my dad after work.

*Along with that...begin getting INTO much better shape - to the extent that ultimately I will lose about 25lbs...ultimately meaning, it may not happen over the summer - because I don't intend to starve or overexert myself - but I'll be well on my way when I start taking my kickboxing class in the Fall...or, not necessarily straight up lose 25lbs...just get rid of some of the fat lurking where ever it might lurk.  Build up some muscle, so that when I do "threaten" to beat my guy friends I can actually act on what I say!!!

*Spend TONS of time with my "babies"...those would be my younger cousins.  In particular Diana, Jessica, Matthew, Eric, Emily, Amy, and Issac.  And be there to happily greet the new babies soon after they enter this crazy world.  I have 3 new cousins on the way!!

*Snuggle with my grumpy, fat kitty cat - hopefully he won't be mean to me my first couple of weeks back in town!

*Spend as much time with Wayne as possible between hectic work schedules - Did I mention I'm looking for a part-time night/weekend job, too?  It's really going to be an interesting summer!


And I guess that's about all for now...because it's getting "late" and I really need to get to bed since I have to work in the morning.  Have a wonderful night, everyone!  Take care!  style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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I can type fairly fast...however, I intended for that post to be much shorter than it actually was.  I should be studying or sleeping right now which, as you can see, I'm not doing either.  I will go do one of the two as soon as I post this, though.  I have two finals tomorrow...one at 8am and one at 10:30am...YUCK.  I'm totally not prepared...but that's not unusual.  After those two I won't really have a thing to worry about.  I'll only have one more, which is Wednesday at some point, which I'm not worried about the least bit.  And then it's time to pack and head back to Richmond.


As far as the posting 3 times a day goes...I was seriously thinking earlier today that I'd be writing a "goodbye - (at least for a little while)" post today.  Things seemed super crazy in my mind.  It's going to be hard to get INTO the swing of 45+ hour work weeks again right out of coming out of HAVING only one class a day mondays wednesdays, and fridays, and a couple of classes a day on tuesdays and thursdays.  I'm going to miss being lazy.  And I'll probably REALLY miss being lazy if I ever find a night/weekend part-time job that'll suit my schedule.  I can't believe I have to start scheduling everything down to the minute now...I've never had to live THIS structured of a life before.  Conferences, board meetings, district meetings, diversity advisory committee meetings...what am I getting myself into?


All my friends and my roommates are all talking about how next week they'll be taking off to the beach for a week or two...or the whole summer.  Jealous much?  Yes.  I yearn to be at the beach.  But, I also yearn to be taught.  I need to learn.  I love to work...most of the time...unless it requires studying...haha.  But really...I need to take in what I can.  I intend to get a job worth bragging about [to an extent] by the time I graduate next May...and while my GPA may not be the best right now, I'm more concerned about real world experience, which I'm finding many of my peers have little to NONE...and I'm going on about 7 or 8 years of it already.


I will, however, miss my "little brother" up here.  He's so adorable.  And I have to go home to my real, EVIL little brother in less than a week.  I don't know how this is going to work.  I don't know if my parents will go insane first, he will, or I will.  All four of us living under one roof once again.  I can almost completely guarantee that it's GONNA GET UGLY within 4 hours of all four of us being in the house at one time.  I'll probably just do as I always do.  Find my kitty, drag him INTO my room, shut the door, and not leave the room until it's time for me to leave the house.  It's all good...I think that I'll be so busy with work...trying to get in shape so that I'm not the one being laughed at endlessly in my kickboxing class next semester...trying to hang out with Wayne...visiting with the cousins...being a dork and doing crafts with locked in my room...and what not....that I won't let my family get to me too much...I hope.  At least I still have this place [my apartment up at school] to escape to on the weekends if need be.  Although there's nothing to do here!  We've already disconnected our cable...and I'm taking my computer home so that I can use it.  On a side note, thanks to dad for buying the whole networking setup, so that none of us have to "fight" over one computer with an internet connection anymore.


Now that I've rambled way too long, I really need to go to bed if I want to stand a chance of waking up on time to get to my final.  Do I have more to ramble about?  Sure.  But I'll save that for later or something.  Although later I'm technically supposed to be packing like a crazy woman so I can get out of here hopefully by Friday so that I can get "settled in" back in Richmond before work begins.  Anyway...hope everyone is well.  G'nite!!!


***Sorry if some of my sentences don't make sense or whatever.  I caught one mistake...in my talking about classes up above, I typed out all the days of the week...I typed "friends" instead of "friday"...but I fixed that.  I'm almost deliriously tired right now, so I don't know what I'm typing...and I can't concentrate enough to go back and re-read things like I normally would.  I can't stand for my writing to suck...but tonight I will risk it, because I really NEED to get in bed before I pass out sitting in this chair.  Have a good one!!***

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