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What happened in the hospital...


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OK, this is what happened during my hospital stay... April 27th-30th, 2003.


This first woman that was my roommate, she got sent home the afternoon ofthe first day I was there. And then, later on that night, a different lady

was brought INTO my room.  She had been released FROM the critical care

unit, and was moved to a regular room, AKA the other bed in my room. lol.

Usually when someone new comes in, they introduce themselves, or whatever.

Well, she never talked to me at all, she would just lay in bed mumbling

things, whine and moan things.  Like, she needed the bed pan, so she would

just lay there, and keep saying "I need the pan, I need the pan, please, I

need the pan"  But she wouldn't even be saying it loud enough for anyone out

in the hall way to hear.  And the thing is..when ever old peoples families

are around them, they never moan or whine like that. They only do it before

there family is there, or after they leave for the day.   As soon as her

family would leave, she would start to moan like that, for hours and hours,

until she would fall asleep.  I guess they do it to get attention, because

they are left alone.  


Anyway, this second lady, she was moved FROM the

critical care unit.  The only thing I know about her is that she had a bad

heart.  late last night she wouldn't stop moaning for help, or for the pan,

or for anything. First she kept moaning for her glasses.  Eventually she

fell asleep.  Around 1am I woke up to my nurse talking with the old lady's

doctor.  About 25 minutes later, the old lady's family started to arrive...

I heard them over on her side of the room crying, and saying stuff like "oh

mom we are here for you"  and   "atleast she wont have to suffer anymore".

I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up out of bed, and unplugged my IV

machine...and pushed it over to the bathroom.  When I was in the bathroom I

started to think about what was going on...and then..I thought..."Oh my

God...Is she dead??!! Oh god..I bet she has died and her family was called

in to see her...oh dear god...no."  Then, I got out of the bathroom and

tried to calmly get back INTO bed.   I was real quiet...an tried to listen

to see if I could hear the old woman talking or doing anything at all, to

see if she was still alive.    Within a few minutes I heard her say a few

words. Phew....Big relief to me.  Lord knows I didn't want to be in the same

room as someone who has died.  And then for the next 2 and 1/2 hours I

listened to 7 of her family members crying, and saying "we are here with you

mom" and them saying "she was a good woman", and they would be asking the

doctor this => "does she know we are here? we don't want her to think she's

alone".  The old woman's Doctor, plus her nurse were over on that side of

the room, too.

But you have to understand how small these rooms are. They are soooo small.

They are about...oh...16 by 20 feet big.  Our beds were about 6 feet apart,

and the only thing that separated us was a curtain. very very very tiny.


Anyway...I got to listen to her family crying like that for over an hour,

and then a priest came in...and said the last prayer...before someone dies.

I couldn't take this anymore. Plus, there were so many people FROM her

family in the room, that they were standing on my side of the room, and

sitting in chairs at the bottom of my bed. My bed was the first bed in the

room, so they had to go past my bed, to get to her side of the room and to

her bed.  I laid there, trying to stay covered up, and go to sleep, but they

didn't care how much they bothered me.  The next time I got up to go to the

bathroom, instead of walking back to my bed I walked out to the nurses

station and asked to be moved..and I told my nurse I didn't want to be in

there during all this.  At first they didn't think they had a room for me to

go to, then they remembered that they did.  So they located another room to

move me to.  I got moved to that new room at 3:45AM, LAST night. LOL.


I don't mean to sound heart-less, but even though they were going through a

hard time, they shouldn't have just totally forgotten about me. Someone from

that family could of asked the nurse if maybe I should be moved, or if they

should be moved to have more privacy.  But not one person did anything. I

would've probably still been in that room today if I wouldn't of asked to be

moved.  I think thats just awful.  They knew how much they were disrupting

my sleep, and everything, and no one even cared about me.


Tell me what you think of THAT!! Gosh!

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I would've asked for a new room when she started all that nocturnal chanting.


Me: "Excuse me."

Nurse: "Yes? Is there something you need?"

Me: "Uh, yeah. This woman won't shut up. Is there anyway possible you could find me a new room? It's quite disrupting, you know."

Nurse: "I don't think we have any rooms available right now but I'll check!"

Me: "Well, you do that. If I'm paying hundreds of dollars a night for a fn room, I don't want to be kept up at all hours of the night. You nurses checking in on me every five minutes is bad enough."


That's just me, though. I'm sure I'd have to look for little white speckles in my food afterwards but atleast I'll get some rest.


There again, I strongly dislike hospitals.


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I can't say that I like hospitals either.  I was in the hospital almost 5 months out of the entire year in 2001.  But this last hospital stay... The thing is..I had to ASK to be moved to a new room.  Then, they didn't think they had another bed to put me in.  If they didn't have another bed for me, I would have been forced to stay there in that room.  But thank God, they did have an empty bed for me to move to, in another room...it was 3 rooms down FROM the room I was in.  The next day is when I asked to go home, I just wanted out of that place.  I didn't sleep the entire time I was there, during the night.  Sometimes the  Nurses would be out at the nurses station, and talk so loud, and laugh.  My room was right next to the nurses station, I could look out my door and see them standing at it.  It's like they didn't even care if they were waking up patients.  The day will come when they get put in my position......Maybe (I hope).  
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