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[OLD]Pizza driver fired for helping gunshot victim

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I first learned of this on the Tonight SHOW w/Jay Leno (Monday, April 4th, in the "Headlines").  Please do not eat or drink anything while you read this or the shock of stupidity might cause you to choke.





Owner defends turfing

Driver on 'hourly wage'




The co-owner of Frank's Pizza says the employee fired for helping a gunshot victim while working at the Selkirk restaurant was simply "in the wrong place at the wrong time."


"I feel sorry for the person who got wounded or got shot and I'm glad she helped them, but she was supposed to be at work," said business owner Randy Saluk yesterday of his former delivery driver, Marcella McAulay. "She's an hourly wage employee here."


McAulay, a 34-year-old single mother, was one of the first people on the scene of a double-shooting on Robinson Avenue Feb. 26.


She had been driving with a friend, who received a call on her cell phone about the violence.


Although McAulay was on shift at Frank's Pizza, she comforted a man who'd been shot in the stomach until police and paramedics arrived.


It was another two hours until she finished giving a statement to investigators and made it back to work.


By then, McAulay had been fired.


Yesterday, Saluk said McAulay had been warned once before about HAVING passengers in her car while delivering pizzas.


"We expect her to be working here when not on a delivery, to aid the cook and clean and cut cheese and answer the phone and not be driving around," he said.


But McAulay said she was not delivering pizza at the time -- but was trying to fix an engine problem in her car. She asked a friend, who had stopped at Frank's to ORDER a pie, to take a test drive with her to make sure the trouble was gone.


It was during that ride that her friend received the cell phone call.


Saluk said McAulay could have dropped her friend off at the pizza place instead of rushing to the shooting scene.


"Instead of Marcella dropping her back off at the restaurant, they both run there," he said, adding McAulay left a tool kit lying on the front counter. "Why is that laying there? Sure, fix your car, but do it outside -- not at the counter."




Saluk added that McAulay could have waited to fix her car until after she was off shift.


Since starting her job at Frank's Pizza three years ago, McAulay has come to the assistance of a few other community members in need.


She was outside the restaurant HAVING a smoke one day when a stranger walked by, bleeding FROM his arm.


McAulay said she ran inside, got a bunch of paper towels and helped seal up the wound.


Another time, while McAulay was not on duty, she discovered a person on the side of the highway who had collapsed FROM an aneurysm. She stayed with the elderly man until medical help arrived and was told he wouldn't have survived without her intervention.


She also once helped a young boy whose pant leg was caught in a bicycle chain -- while she was working.


"Being a delivery driver, I'm on the road lots and I see a lot of things happen," she said yesterday. "I'm glad I've been able to assist people, but this time it cost me my job."

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Woman loses job after helping gunshot victim

(( Updated Tue. Mar. 11 2003 9:59 AM ET ))

CTV.ca News Staff


A Manitoba woman fired FROM her pizza delivery job for stopping to help a gunshot wound victim tells CTV's Canada AM she is still trying to come to terms with everything that has happened.


"I'm very tired," Marcella McAulay told Canada AM host Seamus O'Regan. "Just the whole night is on my mind at all times."


McAulay, a 34-year-old single mother FROM Selkirk, just north of Winnipeg, was working at Frank's Pizza when she went to the aid of a man who had been shot in the stomach.


She said she was fired because her boss said she should have been on duty and shouldn't have left a money bag carrying $150 in the car.


"Basically he told me I was a threat to the business now because of this. If I wasn't so nosey, this wouldn't have happened," McAulay said. "I guess I wasn't doing my job by assisting this man that was shot."


The incident happened on Feb. 26, when a friend dropped by to pick up a pizza. McAulay admits she was warned before by the new owners not to give rides to friends, but there were no orders waiting and she hadn't expected to be long.


That was when a call came INTO her friend about someone that had been shot in her neighbourhood. When the two got to the area, they found a man with a gunshot wound. McAulay sat with him until the ambulance arrived.


"I can understand, he is trying to run a business, and I do understand that but in a situation like this, there is no dollar value you can put on someone's life," she said.


A pick slip came in the mail on Monday for McAulay, but she knew that night she had been fired.


"When I finished my statement with one officer…another police officer got out of his car and approached me and let me know that my boss was here and he's upset -- he's not really happy about me being here and it didn't look good for me," she told Canada AM.


Manager Jason Boyd told the weekly newspaper in Selkirk that he fired McAulay because "she was away FROM her job for no good reason."


This isn't the first time she's stopped to help someone. Only four months earlier, McAulay stopped on the side of a highway to help an elderly man FROM Flin Flon, Man., who had collapsed FROM an aneurysm. She sent her sister for help while she waited for the man.


"If I didn't stop my car to see if he was all right, he would have been gone 10 minutes later," she told The Canadian Press.


Now she is trying to figure out how she is going to survive financially. She might have to sell her car while she waits to see if she qualifies for unemployment insurance.


McAulay has a seven-year-old daughter who lives with her and an 11-year-old son who lives with her ex-husband in Campbell River, B.C.


She had been working at Frank's for three years, since returning to Selkirk FROM British Columbia. McAulay had also worked there as a teenager. She said she loved her job but wouldn't take it back now.


"I was hoping to hang on to it for another year or so," she told CP.


The shooting victim is recovering in hospital and a 33-year-old man has been charged with aggravated assault.


With a report FROM The Canadian Press



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Woman fired after helping gunshot victim - Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 08:24  

PUBLICATION:  The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal

DATE:  2003.03.11



COLUMN:  Canada





Woman fired after helping gunshot victim



Marcella McAulay has been a Good Samaritan twice in the last few months, and so far all she has to SHOW for it is a pink slip.


"Situations like this just keep dropping in front of me," the 34-year-old single mother said Monday FROM her home in the town of Selkirk, just north of Winnipeg.


"Why me? It's not helping me this time, is it?"


Ms. McAulay opened her mail Monday to find the severance slip she was told to expect Feb. 26, for helping a gunshot victim when her boss said she should have been on duty ready to deliver for Frank's Pizza in Selkirk.


Yet she still doesn't regret her actions. She comforted the victim and tried to slow the bleeding FROM a gunshot wound suffered by the man, who lived near a friend she had been giving a ride to that night.


"Walking away, I just wouldn't have been able to live with myself." She hadn't even left the scene of the shooting when a police officer told her that her boss had been by and it looked like she was in trouble.


She was told she was being dismissed. She admits she had been warned before by the new owners about giving rides to friends while working, even though it was her car she used to deliver pizzas.


Being a Good Samaritan is becoming second nature to Ms. McAulay.


Only four months earlier, she helped an elderly man FROM Flin Flon, Man., when she found him stricken on the side of a highway after he had collapsed FROM an aneurysm. She says she was told he wouldn't have survived without help.


No one answered the phone at Frank's Pizza on Monday and the owners could not be reached for comment. Earlier, manager Jason Boyd told the weekly newspaper in Selkirk that he didn't fire Ms. McAulay because she helped the gunshot victim.


"She was away FROM her job for no good reason."


The shooting victim, meanwhile, is still recovering.







Comments by 1984 FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 21:10

Actually she should sue Frank's Pizza for wrongful dismissal.

There is a good samaratin law, and the first person on the sene is required to render aide. (per St John Ambulance)

(Course if it was a liberal mp, find a chair, sit back and watch the show.)  


Comments by .44 Caliber FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 17:53

Franks Pizza should be history and Ms. McAulay should be rewarded for her efforts, perhaps be her former employer. Hard to believe we have to share this planet with the likes of Frank enstein.  


Comments by FRANK wants $$$ FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 16:45

EVERYONE AVOID---Frank's Pizza in Selkirk.



Comments by Roy W. Stephen FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 13:43

I agree with irish. This story is as looney as C-68. Marcella McAulay is to be commended, however, there's too many 'people' not fit to breath the same air as decent folk.  


Comments by wild willy FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 12:36

two comments: first this poor woman has to go through all this crap FROM franks pizza and no doubt she is enduring this for the grand priveledge of making minimum wage plus tips..secondly, she should be getting funded by the c.f.c...she is obviously saving more lives than the registery is.  


Comments by Tommy FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 10:58

Another example of ruthness capitalism at work. If people would refuse employment FROM these greedy arrogant bastards, we would eventually cull them out of society. They would take their businesses to third world countries, which is probably where they originated from, anyway!  


Comments by Jared FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 10:29

I once knew a pizza delivery guy who ran down two Nuns while trying to deliver. These pizza joint owners and delivery people are ruthless! Not only that but pizza's not healthy, too fat, too many carbs. Now Sub-Way on the other hand....  


Comments by Kent FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 10:20

This women faced the classic moral dilemma, save the shooting victim or deliver the pizza? Too bad the folks at Franks Pizza feel that human life is worth less than hot pizza. This all stems FROM that 30 minutes or it's free policy?  


Comments by irish FROM Canada on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 at 09:11

I suggest a full boycott of Franks pizza place!. This guy should out of business.

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Too bad the shoe wasn't on the other foot. To even further his ignorance, making headlines (especially in a positive manner) and HAVING an employee with recognition as well as hers could only bring more business to the company.


They say a person could drown FROM one teaspoon of water - this is a prime example. If he had any business-sense at all, he'd know he's drowning himself. I'd be interested in knowing where this clown went to business school - assuming he completed third grade, of course.


style_emoticons/default/popc1.gif - Monopolized

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What gets me is that I can understand his frustration and all, but if you are gonna let someone go for insubnoration, then let them go when its something that no one else cares about.  If she were to have done something to save (let's say) the president's life instead of reporting to work an hour earlier, then yeah he might have a justified reason for firing her, but he stands to gain a lot FROM keeping her.  When she did that (saving a persons life) - if anything, he should have tried to make sure that her name got INTO the papers with interviews so that people would see the name of his place and decide to patron there.


Sitting on a gold mine and his tail didn't even know it.



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