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Happy, happy, happy day...


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I'm all giddy now...it's frightening!  HAHAHA.


I received a phone call offering me an internship position with Chesterfield County (that's what I interviewed for last week)...although I probably won't be taking that because it is unpaid...and I need money.  Being a college student isn't fun.  Money is gone in no time.


I have my interview set up for Friday with Enterprise, as I said before - I think, which is a PAID internship.  And I am pretty confident that I'll have no problem getting an offer there...I HOPE.


Lastly I "applied" for a "job" a few weeks ago, and I just got a call about that.  Hooray for quick cash...everyone knows that I need it!  Of course it stinks in that I have to give up the last two weekends of my time here in Harrisonburg, but it's ok.  It's not like I do much on the weekends anyway...it'll just stink if my boyfriend wants to come INTO town, because I won't get to spend too much time with him.


Anyway...must go be productive or something...



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