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Some of my poetry


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If Only By Anthony Odarczenko

If Only my love you could know

If Only my heart I could show

If Only you knew how I feel

If Only this secret I could reveal


If Only you knew how much I care

If Only you knew I was there

If Only you felt the same way

If Only I could tell you someday


If Only these tears could subside

If Only I could have you by my side

If Only I didn't feel lonely

If Only this wasn't just If Only.


My Deepest Dream by Anthony Odarczenko

Every night I lay my head and go to sleep

And my thoughts and wishes surface, FROM so deep

It almost comes out and becomes reality

But Its only my thoughts and wishes, just plain mentality

In these dreams We're in love, Parting never

Dreams I wish could last forever

But in the morning I do wake

And my mended heart splits INTO two

Once again my heart does break

And all day I'll think of you


Untitled by Anthony Odarczenko

My heart was broken long ago

Why didn't I see it coming?

I don't think I'll ever know

Some things I think will never end

Not knowing what awaits me

Just beyond the bend

When I felt I could not ask for more

The most important thing in my life

Went out the door

The tears I know will never leave

The loss of this loved one

I still do not believe

The heart, I know, is hard to mend

I know the sorrowful feelings of losing my life

Will never end


I'll post more later

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hehe! Billy! "If Only" was always my favorite! style_emoticons/default/smile.gif   you've got soo much talant style_emoticons/default/happy.gif keep up the good work Tony ^^ style_emoticons/default/sad.gifi):  :(i):  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:

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 style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  You're so mean to me, Tony. I hate you!! Billy!! style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif   style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif  style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif

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No problem, Billy.    




   I can' think of anything to say so I am just going to talk....      I've never felt more alone in my life than I do at this very moment.. I cannot live this lie any longer.    I thought I could make it.    I was so wrong.    I need a break FROM the internet, though it probably won't help much, I'll see you all later... if I am still here.




               Bye Billies.

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An Orphan’s Wish


I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.  

This wish I want I know that I may not get my wish I wish tonight.

This wish I wish is simple or not so simple.  

The wish I wish every night is always the same.  

The wish I wish is this, for someone to take me off of this cold, scary,

dark street, and take me in their arms to give me a nice

warm loveing home, to feed, cloth, and bath me.  

For that is my wish although I’m only eight-years old so what do

I know about wishes.  Every night I pray that some one

would my wish and make it come true.  I have been wishing

this wish for a year now; since my parents have been dead

that long because of a car accident they were in.  I know this

wish will probably not come true, because I’m just a homeless

eight year old orphan, and I know that there are other kids like me.

 I now begin to wonder if the other kids get my wish.  

Either that no one wants a little orphan kid like me who is dirty,

unhealthy, has to dig in the garbage for food, and has no

shelter to keep me safe.  I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish

I wish tonight.

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